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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to answer in good and correct English in Forum's


Hi friends some of you might be having problem in writing correct English Words . Dont be shy i too make spelling mistakes. The best way to avoid that is what i am going to tell you here.

1.First of all Use Firefox Browser.
Now you might be thinking why i am promoting Firefox. So i must tell you that Firefox has inbuilt Dictionary,so if you right wrong words Firefox will underline that wrong word with RED line. Than right click on it and it will show you word list,choose your word . That's it.

2.Secondly use Word Web Dictionary it only takes 12.4 MB space and You can even listen to that word. So before writing consult Word web .

So following above step will not only improve your writing Skills but also you will have habit of writing Correct English.



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