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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eight wonder ways for a flat tummy !

Blame it on SRK’s six-pack-magic, Aamir’s eight-pack-charisma or Priyanka’s hot bikini bod, but flaunting the flattest tummy and a set of well
Eight wonder ways for a flat tummy!
Eight wonder ways for a flat tummy!
toned abs is the latest dream for many youngsters.

But, they usually tend to forget that it takes more than just basic crunches and crash dieting to carve a drool worthy, flat stomach. Explains fitness trainer, Deanne Pandey, “Ab exercises + cardio exercises + right diet – this is the most effective formula to achieve well-toned abdominal muscles. Missing upon any one of these will take away the real impact of an abs-workout.”

“An ideal diet and workout for every individual depends upon his/her weight loss requirement, body type and body shape,” suggests Pandey. For instance, a pear shaped person may indulge in a less strenuous workout and minimal diet modifications to get the desired tummy in comparison to an apple shaped body, who is usually heavy in the tummy area.

Here are a set of workout and physical activities, which when combined with an ideal eating plan and cardio workouts can assure you of the killer abs that you always dreamt of...

1. Naukasana- A common yoga posture that works wonders on your abs.
Method: Raise your upper body and legs to an angle of 30 degrees and hold the posture for 30-40 seconds, then relax. Repeat this asana for 10 times to begin with, graduating to 30 times. Breathe normally all through the work out.
“Holding onto the posture tightens and contracts your upper and lower abs while repeating the movement tones them up,” tells yoga expert Usha Chegappa of Bharat Thankur’s Artistic Yoga.

2. Ushtrasana : It is the counter pose to naukasana .
Method: Stand on your knees, with heels facing upwards. Arch your back, placing your hands on your knees one by one. Hold your head behind pushing your belly outwards. Hold this posture for 30 seconds and repeat 30 times.
“During naukasana , the ab muscles contract building up tension in the area, while ushtrasana releases the tension by giving your tummy a good stretch. It is important to practice ushtrasana after naukasana to save one's back from injury,” explains Usha.

3. Basic crunch : The good old crunch still remains the best exercise to bag the perfect abs.
Method: Lie on the floor with your legs off the floor in a right angle. Keep your shoulders just above the floor. Breathe in and bring your knees in towards your chest, while lifting your upper body to an angle of 30 degrees and breathe out while you relax. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times to begin with.
“Don’t arch your back. The crunches will help you contract your abdomninal muscles giving them an effective workout,” suggests Deanne.

4. Bridging: Stretch till you feel the burn!
Method: Lie flat on the floor with your hands resting by your sides, feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart and knees bent. Now, contract your abdominals, lower back and gluts and slowly lift your midsection to form a bridge from your knees, through your hips to your shoulders. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then slowly lower. Fitness expert Kiran Swahney suggests, “Avoid this exercise in case you are suffering from lower back problems.”

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Five Ways Windows 7 Improves on Vista

I’ve spent the last couple hours tinkering with the Windows 7 beta, which is running in a dual-boot configuration on a fairly low-powered Acer Aspire notebook. The verdict? So far, so good.

I haven’t done any performance testing yet, but I have discovered some things about Windows 7 that should please anyone who’s constantly rolling their eyes at Vista’s shortcomings:

  1. When you right-click the desktop, there’s a new context-menu entry: Screen Resolution. In Vista, you had to delve deep into the annoying Personalization menu to change the resolution setting.
  2. When you click Start, there’s now a “Shut Down” button instead of that vague power icon (which in Vista defaults to Standby mode, inexplicably).
  3. Speaking of which, Windows 7 seems to shut down significantly faster than Vista.
  4. There’s an Explorer icon right on the Taskbar! No, not Internet Explorer (though that’s there, too), but rather Windows’ File Explorer. I’ve often wondered why Microsoft always buries this important tool.
  5. The Connection menu that resides in the System Tray has been greatly simplified. It no longer requires a separate dialog to choose and connect to a network — you can do both right in the little pop-up window.

Not everything is perfect. For example, I can’t figure out how to enable the thumbnail previews that are supposed to appear when you mouse over an app in the Taskbar. But for the most part, I’m liking what I’m seeing.

How about you? Have you tried the beta yet? If so, hit the Comments and share your thoughts! If you didn’t get to it this weekend, don’t worry: Microsoft has extended the Windows 7 download deadline through January 24 and removed the initial 2.5 million-download limit.

Having a cow over Gmail just misses the point


A big outage at Google Tuesday. Things go dark early while most of the U.S. is sleeping. Still, the Internet is without borders and so the glitch leaves millions of people who use Google Web mail and Google Apps, high and dry.

It was mild melodrama for a few hours but things returned to normal after a few hours. It's still unclear what happened, though Google says it's investigating the problem.

Truth be told, the walls of Jericho did not crumble, though the outage nonetheless triggered the (now thoroughly predictable) hand-wringing and bloviating from the usual cast of characters. Amusing to watch, but after this incident, there's also the wider context to consider.

Any outages are embarrassing. But while Gmail did crash a few times in 2008, this is the first time the service has gone down in quite a while. (As my colleague Stephen Shankland noted, Google extends a guarantee to corporate customers paying for any of its business Apps services, which rely on the cloud. The promise: they will be able to access Gmail at least 99.9 percent of the time every month. If not, Google pays them a penalty fee. So far Google says it hasn't fallen below that mark.)

If these sorts of outages occurred with more regularity, I suppose that would seriously retard cloud computing's growth. Google and Salesforce.com and Amazon and any other purveyors of cloud-based services obviously cringe when their connections fail. Not to underplay the anguish customers and vendors find themselves dealing with, but the real news here is how rare these cloud-computing outages have become.

A few years ago it seemed that eBay's Web site was seizing up all of the time. The reality was less severe but merchants and bidders would scream bloody murder. At the same time, eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, and Buy.com were dealing with repeated denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Things got so bad that some even feared for the future of e-commerce.

We now know how the story turned out. Fact is that there are no 100 percent guarantees anymore, not in a world in which applications increasingly get hosted on the Internet. When things go bump in the night, as they inevitably will, there is going to be a commotion, albeit a temporary one. Get over it, already.

This is computing, after all.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Windows 7 SKUs announced

The following will be the actual new SKUs for the OS:

* Windows 7 Starter (limited to three apps concurrently)
* Windows 7 Home Basic (for emerging markets)
* Windows 7 Home Premium (adds Aero, Touch, Media Center)
* Windows 7 Professional (Remote Desktop host, Mobility Center, Presentation mode)
* Windows 7 Enterprise (volume license only, boot from virtual drive, BitLocker)
* Windows 7 Ultimate (limited availability, includes everything)

This information has been confirmed by Microsoft... who never listens to us. At least most consumers will only see Home Premium and Professional options at retail, which is more akin to the XP options of yore, and means WMC will be "baseline" for most PCs.

Update: Just to be clear, we've checked specifically with Microsoft on all six versions, and the placement of Home Basic in emerging markets. There's now a full breakdown after the break.

Windows 7 Starter

* Available worldwide to OEMs on new PCs
* Missing Aero UI tweaks
* Limited to 3 simultaneous applications

Windows 7 Home Basic (Vista equivalent: $200)

* Only available in emerging markets
* Missing Aero UI tweaks

Windows 7 Home Premium (Vista equivalent: $260)

* Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
* Includes Aero UI tweaks
* Features multi-touch capabilities
* Adds "premium" games
* Adds media capabilities (Media Center, DVD playback, DVD creation, etc.)
* Can create home network groups

Windows 7 Professional (Vista equivalent: $300)

* Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
* Includes all features of Premium
* Adds enhanced networking capabilities (Remote Desktop host, domain support, offline folders, etc.)
* Adds Mobility Center
* Adds Presentation Mode

Windows 7 Enterprise

* Available only in volume licenses
* Includes all features of Professional
* Adds Branch Cache
* Adds Direct Access
* Adds BitLocker

Windows 7 Ultimate (Vista equivalent: $320)

* Limited OEM and retail availability
* Includes all features of Enterprise

Thursday, February 19, 2009




Friday, February 6, 2009

Google Bus

Dont heard of it you must be kidding . First time in India Google bus is traveling all around the villages to aware people about the use of internet.सो भाइयो अपने विल्लगे मैं देखना कोई गूगल बस तो नहीं है और उसका भरपूर फायदा उठाइए थैंक्स

Now, Access Gmail, Yahoo! Mail from AOL

Now, Access Gmail, Yahoo! Mail from AOL

AOL Web Mail updated: new plugins for connecting to third-party email providers, 45 new skins, and AOL Sync function

AOL has rolled out a new version of Web Mail with enhancements to compete with web-based email majors like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail. New plugins for connecting to third-party email rivals Gmail and Yahoo! Mail have been added along with a bunch of other new plugins. AOL has also included 45 new skins. The AOL Sync function has been added and a plugin gallery has been rolled out. Check out the new AOL Web Mail at the AOL Mail page.

New plugins will allow access to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail from the AOL Web Mail account. Following in Google's footsteps of adding themes on Gmail, AOL now has added 45 new skins to their email. Microsoft had also added new themes to their Windows Live Mail.

The new plugin gallery will allow for one-click access to different services, and the platform is also open to third-party developers for developing more plugins for Web Mail.

Real-time update support to AOL Calendar and the Address book can now be provided though the desktop-based application or via wireless mobile devices.

The novelty of accessing Gmail and Yahoo! Mail from the AOL Web Mail account may appear cool at the moment, but let's not overlook the security aspect of it. It's too early to say whether these plugins are completely secure as AOL has opened their mail platform to third-party content and applications.

Free Language Translator


A desktop language translator application using the Google translation service. It adds more features to the existing service and addresses some of its shortcomings.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Quick guide for using this free multi language translator:

Open a text document or paste some text here, select the "To" and "From" languages, click on the "Translate" and select one of the options from the menu.

You can create your custom dictionary to correct the online translation and save them for further use when using the "Translate and use Custom Dictionary" menu option.

In order to add an entry to your Custom Dictionary, select the text to be corrected, right click in the translation panel and select "Add to Custom Dictionary". You will be able to make further changes manually by typing into the translation panel while tracking the synchronized original panel.

The status bar can display an optional empiric quality of translation. Selecting a smaller page size increases the translation time a little bit, but at the same time, for large amount of text, it can improve translation accuracy and synchronization between the original and translation panels.

You can also set the orientation of the panels from the combo box on the status bar.

Finally, select the translated text and copy into the clipboard, right click in the translation panel and choose "Copy Selection", or just save it as a file using the "Save File" icon in the toolbar.

865KB windows version Windows XP/Vista screenshot Screenshot developer homepage Homepage developer homepage Freeware

PS3, Wii Version of YouTube Launched

PS3, Wii Version of YouTube Launched

The YouTube version is targeted at consumers who browse the web over consoles using television displays

YouTube has launched a new version for PlayStation 3 and Wii gaming console owners. With improved layout and text rendering, the website is meant for users who browse the site via a console and over television.

PS3 and Wii owners can now browse YouTube from the new YouTube TV site. With a new simplified and streamlined interface, the site is still in the beta stage. After HD videos became more popular with PS3 users, YouTube has taken the smart step to launch the TV version of the YouTube website.

This service is initially available in 22 regions and 13 languages. Support for more devices, regions, and languages would be rolled out over a period time when the site moves out of the beta stage.

Launching PS3 and Wii versions the YouTube TV site is just the beginning. Let's hope that this YouTube TV site appears neat on the YouTube-enabled HD LCDs and plasma screens as well.

Now Read Emails through MTNL


Now Read Emails through MTNL

For this project, MTNL has tied up with One Voice Technologies, a telecom solutions provider, to offer MobileVoice Email service

In a month's time, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. (MTNL) subscribers should be able to read and send email messages using a phone - be it a mobile phone or a landline.

The service is called Mobile Voice Email.

What this means is that if you're an MTNL user, you will be able to read and send email messages from your Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, Hotmail or corporate accounts, right from your existing landline or mobile phone.

For this project, MTNL has tied up with One Voice Technologies, a telecom solutions provider, to offer MobileVoice Email service. In the latter's press statement, One Voice has said that MobileVoice Email will allow both wireless and landline subscribers to read and send email from their existing phones. The service supports most of the popular email service providers.

After getting a head start this year with the commercial launch of 3G services, email access through any phone could be another milestone for the state-owned telecom operator this month.

Microsoft Launches Windows 7 in Hindi

Microsoft Launches Windows 7 in HindiMicrosoft, as a part of its efforts to overcome the language barrier to computing, has showcased a variety of custom made products directed specifically at the vernacular language market - a market that has been largely left untapped till now.

The new initiatives include Language Interface Packs (LIPs) in 12 Indian languages - Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu - for MS Office and Windows.

The company has also announced a total of 45 additional virtual keyboards for these languages. even Windows Live has not been spared the treatment with it being made available in as many as seven Indian languages. These languages are Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

There's more in store for developers as well. Directed at vernacular language developers, it has launched the Captions Language Interface Pack (or CLIP) in Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, and Tamil. CLIP uses a tool tip caption to display translations for user interface items in Visual Studio 2008 making it the first ever instance of Microsoft releasing a tool specifically to help students and beginner developers in India use the product in their own language.

The most talked about part of the sneak peek was a rather cool beta version of Windows 7 in Hindi, one of the eight global languages the Operating System (Beta) was released in recently. We would love to have a go at this one!

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