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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ram Survey Excuse For No Payments


Its a long time since Ram survey has paid its panelist. From long time it is saying that it will send money to panelist account but even after request nobody is getting payment. On July 11 Ram survey has told in a new message that they tried to transfer payment to there panelist but bank dies not allow it to credited to the memebr account due to some RBI rule. The complete message is below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Dear Ram Survey Member / Panelist. In Continuation with earlier communication about payment transfer,we would like to inform you all that company has tried to transfer the payment to member/panelist but these payment are not credited by the bank due to certain guidelines issued to them by Reserve Bank Of India.We have tried to resolve the issue with the concern authorities to continue us with normal banking operations. Thanks! Ram Survey Team

If there are not able to give payment to panelist then how can they asked member for bringing new joining as money may also not get transferred to there account. May be this is all excuse for not giving money to panelist.



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