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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creating A Backup Of Picasa Album On Your PC


Picasa is the service from Google which allows you to store your images/pictures and share it with your friends and family. If you use blogger for your website and blog then the image which you upload always goes to your Picasa album. If you are concern about the backup of your pictures then reading this tutorial will worth as it will tell you how to take backup of your Picasa album and save them to your Computer. Below are the steps to follow to make a backup. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

1.Just go to your Google Account setting and click on Data Liberation which will show you the different Google service for which you can make backup like Picasa, Google Plus(+), Buzz, your profile etc. From here choose Download Your Picasa Web Album photos.

2.Now you will see a Google Take Out screen which will ask you to login to your Google Account.

3.Now you will see a Download Archive Screen which allows you to make backup of all your Google products. Now as you have to make backup of only Picasa album just click on Choose Services and select Picasa Album.

4.Now you see that Google Takeout will show you the estimated files in your Picasa album and there estimated size. Now you can click on Create Archive.

5.Now Google will crate a archive file for you in few moments depending on the size of your Album and will provide you a download link. Now you can download your Picasa Image in your Computer and can save them to create a backup.

Similarly you can make backup of Google Buzz, Google+ Contact and Circles, profile & stream. If you have any problem just leave a comment and we will help you.



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