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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google 2 Step Verification To Save Your Account From Hackers


Google has started a new feature to save your Google account from Hacker. It is a advance feature of Google Called 2 Step Verification by which you can fully secure your Google account and even get alert if someone is trying to open your account from some other place. You can verify your Mobile number by this security feature and whenever you login it will ask for a code which will be send to your verified mobile number so only you can access your account. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

2 Step Verification is simple to configure and a very important security feature.
To activate your 2 step verification you will have just verify your mobile number and a other backup mobile number in case first one is not reachable or lost.

After following all steps you will be logout from all your devices and browser and you will have to login again by verifying which will be send to your mobile number, which can be used for 1 month on a same computer.

Note: This is a very secure method and you should also have to remain careful if you loose you verification codes then you can't login in Google accounts.



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