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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Google Blocked & Banned CO.CC Domain Name


It may be the very shocking news for many Website and blog owners who has domain on Co.CC as Google has finally blocked it from there search results so the domain which were in Co.CC were all blocked too. There are million of site which were using free and paid service of Co.CC and all these domain are blocked on 30th June 2011. Google has earlier also shown such type of blocking but usually in 1-2 days it was solved and all the domain who have loose there traffic was back in track again. These domains were blocked because of SPAM. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

If you Google search Site:co.cc you will see that you will not get any results which proves that Google ha banned this domain. Though this domain is working fine in Yahoo and Bing.

There are millions of people who will suffer from this banning as they will loose there traffic and Advertising money and most important there hard work.

What To Do Now After Banning of Co.CC Domain

If you are thinking what to do after your domain or what we can say a sub-domain of co.cc was blocked by Google then stop thinking and start working. Immediately sign up for a top level domain like .com, .org, .net etc. and start promoting it. Also don't forget to Redirect your old domain to this new one.

If you are in luck Google may Unblock co.cc and you get your traffic back but our advice will b that you shift your domain to top level domain and save yourself from loosing your traffic suddenly. If you have created your new domain then you can also leave here your old domain and new domain name to build some free traffic and link.



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