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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Solve Certificate Error in Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 7

If you are annoyed of seeing security certificate error regularly while browsing any site in your internet explorer 8 or 9, then this article will surely help you out. There are many different reason of seeing this security certificate error. The first may be non synchronization of your system clock or you are having old certificates. Example of security certificate is shown below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

The easiest and simplest way of getting rid of these certificate error are to disable them though you may see it for the first time but not repetitively.

Steps to solve Certificate Error in Internet Explorer 8 & 9 in Windows 7

1.Just go to your internet explorer option and then go to advance tab as shown below.
2. Now just uncheck the publisher certificate option as shown below and restart your system.

This must solve your problem for any other query please leave comment.

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year 2012 Party in Delhi, NCR

If you are thinking to party on New year eve in Delhi and searching for different venues, locations, hotels, resort and night club for parting, then this article can help you on that. Below are some of the greatest and hotest parties in Delhi and NCR region.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Venues of New Year 2012 Party in Delhi, NCR

1.New Year’s Eve
Location: Lap - Hotel Samrat, chanakyapuri, Delhi
Ticket Price: Rs 15000/Couple (Unlimited food and Drinks)
Contact: 011-43333600
BUY Ticket

2.New Year's Party
Location: Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, Vasant Kunj
Ticket Price: Rs8000/Couple (Unlimited food and Drinks)
Contact: 011-43333600
Buy Ticket

3.Xfactor 2012
Location: The Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon
Ticket Price: Rs12500/Couple (Unlimited food and Drinks), VIP entry also available.
Contact: 011-43333600
BUY Ticket

4.New Year's Party at Kitty Su
Location: Sat at Kitty Su - The Lalit, Connaught Place
Ticket Price: Rs12000/Couple (Unlimited food and Drinks), VIP entry also available.
Contact: 011-43333600
BUY Ticket

Note: All New year party will start on 31st December from 9 PM onwards.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Adding Snow Fall to Blog and Websites

We have reached the extreme point of winter and now it's time for snow fall. So for blogger's also we have brought the snow fall which will give you the fill of real winter. This Snow fall will be visible good for dark theme blogs. Just login to your dashboard and take a new page element and add below script in it. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4/jquery.min.js">
</script> <script type="text/javascript"> $("body").append($("<img src='
' style='position:absolute; top: 0px;left:0px;border:none;'/>
<img id='xmasleftbell' src='http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_u4gySN2ZgqE/
TQ-SkcTSrTI/AAAAAAAABt4/Qqpj5MR3tU8/s1600/christmas-bells-icon-right.png' style='
position:absolute; top: 0px;right:0px;border:none;'/>")); </script>
<script src='http://blogergadgets.googlecode.com/files/snowfall.min.jquery.js'
type='text/javascript'></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).
snowfall({flakeCount:199}); </script>

Courtesy: BlogerGadgets

For any installation help, leave comment.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Google Zeitgeist 2011- Know Popular Searches in 2011

Year 2012 is near and if you want to know what was the popular searches in Google for 2011, then Google has released its list of popular searches for the year 2011 for all the countries. You can know what was the popular movie in 2011 in India or in World, you can know who is the popular person in India for 2011 in searches and many more thing. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Some Facts about Indian Searches

1.Anna Hazare and Poonam Pandey has topped the list of Fastest Rising People in India.
2.katrina kaif and Anna Hazare were top searches among people.
3.Bodyguard and Ra-one were the most popular search in Movie category.
4.IPL and World cup 2011 were the most popular search in News category.

Google Zeitgeist 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aiva Flat 40% Discount Coupon at Yebhi.com

Today's promo code for Yebhi.com is for Aiva products. Aiva has a large range of Ladies purse, bags, dresses, sweaters, goggles, sandals and many more things. So avail this discount coupon to get 40% flat of on all Aiva products.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Aiva Flat 40% Discount Promo Code : PC1625887E49

This coupon will only valid for 2-3 days only on Aiva products.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di Song Watch Free

Why This Kolaveri Di song has become one of the sensation song in Indian entertainment industry and from 16th November 2011 it has more than 1 Crore Views in YouTube. The song is allover the news and said to break many records in coming future. The music composer of Kolaveri Di song is Anirudh, Dhanush, Shruti Hassan, Aishwarya and Sound Engineer is Sivakumar. The song is liked by all age of people. If you want to download MP3 of Why This Kolaveri Di Song then you can have a search in Google. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Watch & Listen Why This Kolaveri Di Song with Lyrics

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reebok 40% Flat Discount Coupon at Yebhi.com

We bring you yet another great discount coupon on Reebok products. This coupon will give you Flat 40% OFF on all Reebok products at yebhi.com on purchase above Rs.1000. Isn't it a great discount. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email for more Discount coupon.

Reebok 40% Flat Discount Coupon Number: PC1624045HLM

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Speak Asia Dispute to be Settle by SC Panel

According to latest news by Hindustan times, dispute of payment between Speak Asia online and its panelist will be sort out by supreme court special panel which will be headed by Chief Justice RC Lahoti. Hope this settlement is in favour of all the Speak Asia panelist and they get there money back. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Please leave your comments for your views about this.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yebhi Levis Discount Coupon Valid Till 30 November

Yebhi.com is mega online store to buy your clothes, Mobile, Shoes and other things at cheap and discounted rate. If you are searching for Yebhi Levis discount coupon then you can use below code to get Rs.100 and Rs.300 discount on your Levis products. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Rs.100 Off


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The coupons are valid till 30 November 2011. We will try to add more coupons time to time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Speak Asia Website Started Again- Latest Update

There is a very good news for all the Speak Asian's as it is in news that Speak Asia has got the full control of there website again and they are ready for business in India. On 8 November 2011, Zee Business TV channel showed the news headline in there channel about this. According to the news Speak Asia website is again functional. If your are the panelist of Speak Asia you may have got the Message about this. But till now there is no official announcement by Speak Asia officials. See the below video, where you can see news about Speak Asia in scroller. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Supreme Court Ask Reply on Speak Asia Case from AP Government

In the latest update of Speak Asia, Supreme Court ask AP government to reply on Speak Asia case as why AP CBI registered case against Singapore based company Speak Asia. The news was published in Financial Express on 22nd October Edition. See the below image for full news. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Speak Asia Hearing Result of 17th October 2011

From a quite a long time we haven't seen much happening in Speak Asia case and even media is not saying anything about it. On 17th October 2011 there was a hearing of Speak Asia online in court whose latest updates are below. The below letter is from Speak Asia officials only. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

October 18th,2011.

Dear Panelist,

The Honourable Justice Dalveer Bhandari of the Supreme Court strongly reprimanded the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India, for not having filled the reply affidavit, to the written petition filed by the panellists of Speak Asia. Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India were supposed to file their reply on or before the 10th October 2011. Justice Dalveer Bhandari has asked Additional Solicitor general Kitit N. Rawal to ensure that both the respondents should file their affidavit before the next hearing. He also said that the casual attitude of the Government in this issue was very disturbing as it was the issue of the money and livelihood of so many people

Disposing before the bench of Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Justice Deepak Varma, Gopal Subramanian, senior council for Speak Asia explained the total business model of the company. He compared the business of Speak Asia to that of Ebay, where the consumer benefits most. He said this was a much better and refined version as the consumers not only got great deals but could also earn reward points that could be used to buy goods and services. He also emphasised on the training initiatives taken by the company. He lauded the extraordinary vision of the two Singapore based entrepreneurs and the unfortunate victimisation of the company

He urged the court to form a committee headed by Retd. Chief Justice R.C Lahoti, to facilitate the payments to be made to the panellists. He said that the company has the resources to complete all their obligations. He further added that the they have no problems with the ongoing investigations and had upmost faith in the law of the land. He also appraised the court on how the company has been harassed on the basis of some unsubstantiated media reports, and was pursuing legitimate business in the internet space which is the future of all business transactions

The council for the panellist Mr.Mukul Rohitgi urged the court for immediate relief for the panellist. The Supreme Court was most inclined to set up a committee to look into all the issues of the company and its panaellists

The Supreme Court has also instructed the CBDT and the EOW – Mumbai police who have the records of all the payments to be made party to the case, to be present for the next hearing which will be in the next two weeks.

This is wonderful news for all Speak Asians, as they see a ray of hope not only in being able to receive the money that they have earned but also to continue to work and grow with Speak Asia but on the other hand we would also request you all not to trust any rumor or any fake document as there has been fake documents circulating on the internet with fake stamp and sign of our chairperson.All official communication coming from SAOL will be on our official blogspot site which is www.speakasiaonlinemarketing.blogspot.com and all the official e-mails will come from our following official e-mail id’s- · corcom@speakasiamarketing.com & marcom@speakasiamarketing.com

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Google Adsense Updates its Link Units

If you are a Google Adsense publisher, which is the number one advertising network for blogs and website, then here is a news for you. Google Adsense has recently updated its Link Units ads after feedback from its publishers. Google Adsense has reduced the number of topics in all link units to four for horizontal orientations and three for vertical orientations. If you’re currently using link units, this change will happen automatically. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

We all know that 4 link unit ads perform better then 5 link unit ads, so now we have 3 link unit ads which will perform more better. You don't have to implement a new Adsense code for this, if you have link units in your website, they will automatically show the 3 unit and 4 unit link ads.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Infolinks Moves One More Step Ahead

From past few months Infolinks has brought many new features like Related Tags, Tag Cloud, Search Widget etc. which no other In-Text advertising company has done till now. And now Infolinks has moved one step more ahead and Infolinks Self-Service Marketplace has become industry’s first In-Text ad server. This new service allows advertisers to quickly and easily create an In-Text Advertising campaign, with various targeting options, in a matter of minutes. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

You must be wondering why i am telling this story to my subscriber's. The main reason is that by using Infolinks In-Text advertising you can earn really a good money with your Website and blog and if you want to bring traffic to your website then you can also Advertize in Infolinks Marketplace.

Some of the features of Infolinks self-service In-Text Advertising Marketplace are

1.User Friendly - Create an In-Text advertising campaign in minutes
2. Keyword Selection -Select and own your branded keywords across the Web
3.Keyword Bidding - Segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting
4.Advanced Optimization - Customize your reach and maximize ROI
5.Real-Time Reporting - Monitor and continuously improve your brand lift

By Using Infolinks In-Text advertising you can inserts text link advertisements within the content of a website, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks and whenever someone click the links then it will be redirected to your website. Isn't it great way to get traffic.

Hope you have found this article informative and if you are searching for some advertising for your site, then this new Infolinks service can really help you. For any other information you can leave your comment.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speak Asia Surveys were Fake or Real ??

According to the latest news about Speak Asia, it was printed in 1st October newspaper of Mumbai Mirror that, a company called Brand Saloon Inc run by Nayan Khandor was behind crating Surveys for Speak Asia and use to get good amount of money for that. We already now that none of the company has agreed that they have given Speak Asia right to do survey's for them, so this news can be true to some extend. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Reacting on this news Speak Asia Marketing team has released a notice saying that, they have given contract to Brand Saloon Inc. only for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and not for crating any fake Surveys. You can read the message from above image. They have clearly written that media has created a false news and not to believe them. They have published this news in there newly created blog http://speakasiaonlinemarketing.blogspot.com. Leave your comment to express your view about this news.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dussehra/Durga Puja SMS, Ecards & Wallpaper

Durga Puja also referred to as Durgotsava is an annual Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess Durga. if you are planning to wish your friends, relatives and family members in Durga puja through SMS, greetings etc. then you can see some of the best SMS and Ecards website below. This year Durga puja is celebrated between 27September-6th October 2011. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Dussehra/Durga Puja Wallpaper

Durga Puja English/Hindi/Bangali SMS

1.May her blessings remove all obstacles from your path of life
as she removes the darkness from the universe....
Happy Durga Puja

2.Samay Ki Kami Ke Karan Hum Is Saal
\"Dashare Ka Chanda Mobile
Se Le Rahe Hain.Atah Aap Se
Anurodh Hai,
Ki Turant Is No.
Par101 Ka Bal.Dalwa De

3."SOSTHI"te thak notun chhoa,"
SAPTAMI" hok sisir dhoa,
anjali dao "ASTAMI"te,
adda jamuk "NAVAMI"te
"DASHAMI"te hok misti mukh,
Pujo tomar khub jomuk.

4.On This Special Day,
As U Celebrate Valor & Courage,
Triumph Of Good Over Evil,
Wish U Success & Happiness
In Everything U Do!
Happy Dussehra!

5.May Maa Bless You
With Happiness All The Year Through!
Wishing You A Happy Durga Puja

6.N-Nav chetna
A-Akhand jyoti
V-Vighna nashak
A-Anand dayi
T-Trikal darshi
R-Rakshan karti
A-Anandmoyi Maa
Nav Durga bless u.

7.This Navratri, may you be blessed with good fortune
As long as Ganeshji's trunk,
Wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach,
Happiness as sweet as his ladoos
And may your trouble be as small as his mouse.

8.Elo Khusir Sarat, Ek2 Himel Hawa,
Dhaker upar kathir awaz, Mayer Kache Jaoa.
Onek Khusi, Onek Alo,
Pujo Ebar Katuk Bhalo

Durga Puja Greeting Cards

To send free greeting cards of Durga Puja, visit below websites.





Wish you all a very happy Dussehra and Durga Puja

Review & Payment Proof of Pixazza (Luminate, Inc.)

Pixazza.com (now Luminate, Inc.)is popularly know as Google Adsense for image and is really a very good image ad network from which you can earn a good Income if you have a good traffic. Its CPC for image ads is also very good in compare to other networks. After using a Pixazza.com network for 2 months we are writing this review. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Review of Pixazza.com (Luminate, Inc.)

Pixazza.com now Luminate, Inc. is one of the best image ad network present today. This company is supported by Google and gives you high Cost per click (CPC) for your image ads. You can see example of Image ad in below image. If you have a traffic above 100k per month then you can use this network for sure to boost your Online earnings.

Payment Proof of Pixazza.com (Luminate, Inc.)

Pixazza.com allow you to have payment through Cheque as well as PayPal transfer and the minimum payout is only $10 and maximum is $500. To Check its payment service we put our payment threshold to $25 and soon after completing our $25 we received it in our PayPal Account. Above is payment proof which we got from Pixazza.com (Luminate, Inc.).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Google !! Google's 13th Birthday

Today is Google's Birthday and on this occasion Google has posted it new Google doodle for birthday which can be see at Google.com. This is Google's 13th birthday. You can image how much Google has progressed in this 13 years and has also given many opportunity to all the bloggers and students. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Will Facebook Really Gona Charge Money ?

Recently it is in news that Facebook will now start charging money and it will no longer be a free social networking site. According to the status of some of my friends, Facebook will soon start charging upto $10 for membership. And if you paste below message in your status, then it is free for you. Believe me it is all fake news and rumor. Facebook is not going to charge anything from its users. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.


The above text is what you may have seen in some of your friend profile and you must have even pasted it in your status. Can you think that in this competitive world social networking can become paid, I don't think so. Below is a screenshot from Facebook fan page which clearly says that this all was a fake news and they will continue to serve as free.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Speak Asia Update of 19th September 2011

From a very long time we all were waiting for some latest update from Speak Asia online as after declaration of there Exit Option in new website called SpeakAsiaMarketing.com, there were no updates. This is a video which was captured on 19th September 2011. There was a press conference in the press club by association in Mumbai. See below video for the latest update.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Please don't forget to give your reviews about this.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is SpeakAsiaMarketing.com is Fake or Genuine

Recently you must have seen SpeakAsiaMarketing.com, which is creating a confusion between all panelist about its genuineness. According to SpeakAsiaMarketing.com from now i.e 10th September 2011 you can use there Exit Policy to leave speak Asia and can get your money back which will be sent by telegraphic transfer from Singapore. For this you will have to fill a online form with all your detail, Sponsor detail etc. Now it is difficult to believe whether the site is Genuine or a fake one. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

We have done some domain analysis and review on this new site called SpeakAsiaMarketing.com and according to the site got registered on 7t September 2011 and the owner is Speak Asia Marketing and not Speak Asia Online. More over there is a lot of difference in the address and telephone number of both the site. This new site also don't contain any other header or footer link which is pointing towards the official website of Speak Asia online.


Before using SpeakAsiaMarketing.com we will suggest you first see its official announcement by Speak Asia Officers and management team. In case the site is genuine then also you will not get your money back till EOW release Speak Asia Servers. So be patient and wait for announcement. We will suggest you to call Speak Asia Helpline number for further clarification.

Update: Call your Senior for Genuineness of site. We think it is real.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ram Survey New Website Look

If you have visited the Ram Survey site, then you must have noticed the new website of Ram Survey which is looking far better then old site. This new website of Ram Survey has many option like Ram Survey Air ticket booking, SMS service, Railway tickets booking, hotel booking, online shopping, BID, web designing, software service, holiday packages etc. It seems like Ram Survey is entering every field. Tough none of the option is working at present and coming soon is written in all pages. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Ram Survey has also updated there MD S K Kushawaha message in the new website. But this is very discouraging that there is no news of Payment to the panelist.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red Corner Notices for 7 Speak Asia Office Bearers

This is on of the latest and breaking news for all Speak Asian a you will not be happy to listen to this news. According to latest news which is published in Times of India, Red corner notices against seven office-bearers have been issued. And Investigations into the Speak Asia Online have revealed that the online survey firm duped over 24 lakh investors across the country and it had its head office in Mumbai itself, and not Singapore, as reported earlier. Now this news is clearly saying that Speak Asia has its office in Mumbai but when asked by Speak Asia online, they said we don't have any office in Mumbai. The police said the firm had transferred Rs 1,000 crore from India to Singapore. They said the fraud amount has crossed Rs 2,276 crore, but going by the number of investors, it could be over Rs14,000crore. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Economic offences wing (EOW) additional commissioner of police Rajvardhan said, “We have seized two Mercedes cars belonging to its Indian chief, Manoj Kumar Sharma, currently in Dubai, and a panelist. We are trying to find out the banks where transactions took place. Our teams are also working on forensic accounting to establish it.”

The EOW had arrested chief operating officer, Tarak Bajpai, 36, and his colleagues Rajeev Mehrotra, technical head for the portal, Shaikh Rais Latif, 32, an assistant for portal operations and in-charge of regular pop-ups,Ravi Janakraj Khanna, 44,finance accountant, and Deepankar Sarkar. They are in the Thane(rural) police’s custody.

According to the News police has frozen 60 Bank account in which Rs 150 crore were there and the 2 Mercedes are valued Rs.1.30 Crore and The police have found the flow of over Rs 1,000 crore to the United Bank of Singapore. “The firm has started a new web site, claiming the cops are allowing them to continue business. They are lying, to cheat investors. While people are coming forward, most don’t want to lodge complaints, hoping to get their money back,” said the officer.

Hey Speak Asian its a tough time now. Please let us know your views, what you think about this.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HostingReview - Free Blogger Theme (3 Columns)

HostingReview is a latest Adsense ready blogger theme by Deluxe Templates which is free for use. Some of its feature include 3 columns with right sidebars, widgets ready, social icons, featured posts, search box, ads ready. If you are running a Technology blog then this theme can be your choice. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

See Demo

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Supreme Court Not Dismissed Speak Asia Petition- Letter from Harendar Kaur

All speak Asian will be happy to know that, now you have got a official letter from Speak Asia Chairperson and CEO Harendar Kaur. Harendar Kaur has said that media is spreading the false news about Speak Asia and Honorable Supreme court has not rejected there petition on 2nd September instead they have withdrawn the petition for consulting from senior legal counsels. Earleier media has spread that SC has rejected the plea of Speak Asia. Please read below letter from Harendar Kaur - Chairperson and CEO of Seak Asia.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

In our earlier post we have already shown some confusion that this News may be wrong and it is good that it was wrong. So now cross your finger for 10th September 2011 and prey.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Supreme Court Rejects Speak Asia Request for Relief

On the latest breaking news by Headlines Today on 2nd September 2011, said that Supreme Court (SC) has rejected plea for consolidation of criminal case against Speak Asia. Supreme court has said that Speak Asia is guilty of defrauding the people and cannot be leaved so no criminal charge can be taken back. Today only we published the article tat why Media is not covering Speak Asia news and today only we got this news. Below is the video of Headline Today news against Speak Asia. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

It is also news that Aaj Tak is showing some different news about Speak Asia. Now we have to wait for the real news which can only be given by Speak Asian officials.

Schedule of Nokia Champions League T20

You must have already seen the Nokia Champions league T20 advertisement in your TV featuring Sharukh Khan. We must tell you that this is the 3rd champions league T20 tournament and second time in India. Nokia Champions League T20 are staring form 23rd September 2011 and will last till 9th October 2011, it seems that this year is full of cricket and even cricketer are not getting any rest. Below is the group wise schedule of Nokia champions league T20 with timing and dates.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Schedule, Timing of Nokia Champions League T20

Sep 19, 2011 - 16:00 -Qualifier : Trinidad and Tobago vs Ruhuna Rhinos, 1st T20 -Hyderabad
Sep 19, 2011 - 20:00 -Qualifier : Kolkata Knight Riders vs Auckland Aces, 2nd T20 -Hyderabad
Sep 20, 2011 - 16:00 -Qualifier : Trinidad and Tobago vs Leicestershire, 3rd T20- Hyderabad
Sep 20, 2011 - 20:00 -Qualifier : Somerset vs Auckland Aces, 4th T20- Hyderabad
Sep 21, 2011 - 16:00 -Qualifier : Leicestershire vs Ruhuna Rhinos, 5th T20- Hyderabad
Sep 21, 2011 - 20:00 -Qualifier : Kolkata Knight Riders vs Somerset, 6th T20- Hyderabad
Sep 23, 2011 - 20:00 -Group B : Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chevrolet Warriors, 1st T20- Bangalore
Sep 24, 2011 - 16:00 -Group A : Cape Cobras vs New South Wales Blues, 2nd T20- Chennai
Sep 24, 2011 - 20:00 -Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians, 3rd T20-Chennai
Sep 25, 2011 - 16:00 -Group B : Chevrolet Warriors vs South Australian Redbacks, 4th T20-Kolkata
Sep 25, 2011 - 20:00 -Group B : TBC vs TBC, 5th T20- Kolkata
Sep 26, 2011 - 20:00 -Group A : Mumbai Indians vs TBC, 6th T20-Bangalore
Sep 27, 2011 - 20:00 -Group B : TBC vs South Australian Redbacks, 7th T20-Kolkata
Sep 28, 2011 - 16:00 -Group A : New South Wales Blues vs TBC, 8th T20- Chennai
Sep 28, 2011 - 20:00 -Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs Cape Cobras, 9th T20- Chennai
Sep 29, 2011 - 20:00 -Group B : TBC vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 10th T20- Kolkata
Sep 30, 2011 - 20:00 -Group A : Mumbai Indians vs Cape Cobras, 11th T20-Bangalore
Oct 1, 2011 - 16:00 -Group B : South Australian Redbacks vs TBC, 12th T20-Kolkata
Oct 1, 2011 - 20:00 -Group B : TBC vs Chevrolet Warriors, 13th T20-Kolkata
Oct 2, 2011 - 16:00 -Group A : Mumbai Indians vs New South Wales Blues, 14th T20-Chennai
Oct 2, 2011 - 20:00 -Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs TBC, 15th T20-Chennai
Oct 3, 2011 - 20:00 -Group B : Royal Challengers Bangalore vs TBC, 16th T20-Bangalore
Oct 4, 2011 - 16:00 -Group A : Cape Cobras vs TBC, 17th T20-Chennai
Oct 4, 2011 - 20:00 -Group A : Chennai Super Kings vs New South Wales Blues, 18th T20-Chennai
Oct 5, 2011 - 16:00 -Group B : Chevrolet Warriors vs TBC, 19th T20-Bangalore
Oct 5, 2011 - 20:00 -Group B : Royal Challengers Bangalore vs South Australian Redbacks, 20th T20-Bangalore
Oct 7, 2011 - 20:00 -TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi Final T20- Bangalore
Oct 8, 2011 - 20:00 -TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi Final T20-Chennai
Oct 9, 2011 - 20:00 -TBC vs TBC, Final T20-Chennai

Why Media is Not Covering Speak Asia News Now

Few day back India was on a new revolution led by Anna Ji and his supporter, at that time that was the hottest news going on at every News channel. But it is surprising that Media (Star News, Aaj Tak, NDTV, etc etc.) have not covered any news of Speak Asia from a quite long time. News channel were proudly saying that we are saving people from fraud company like Speak Asia but as we all know that now no such allegation are found in Mumbai Court then why news channel are not showing this news so that all panelist get some confidence. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

News channel latest news about Speak Asia was of Mr. Tarak Bajpai arrest in Indore after that no news channel has covered any news on Speak Asia, i think they have already got the TRP from Anna's fast that is why now they are not covering any latest news on Speak Asia.

Now all Speak Asian are waiting for the final decision of ROC which is likely to come on 7th September 2011. Till then if you have any views what media should have done or it should have supported Speak Asia, you are free to express your views.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Firefox Addon for Social Networks & Instant Messaging

If you want to have your all social network, messenger friends at one single window then Yoono can be the answer. Yoono is the Firfox addon which bring all your friends from different network to a single window. By installing it you can get all your updates, update your status and share across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & more - all at once! with a click. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Yoono is a powerful but easy to use sidebar for Firefox that helps you simplify your online social life by connecting you to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, GoogleBuzz, Flickr, Yammer, AIM, Yahoo IM and more...all in one place. Yoono is also the easiest way to share stuff with all your social networks - share links, images and video from the page you're viewing across all your networks simultaneously.So it is a must have plugin for your Firefox.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ezyfil.com Review, Payment Proof, SCAM Or Genuine

Ezyfil.com is a new online Money making website for Indians who want to get some extra money. According to the website they pretend to be the genuine money earning website and claim that they are transparent with there member. Today we will do review of EZYFIL.com to let the people know that it is a genuine site or a fake SCAM site. After reading our review you can decide yourself whether to join or not. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Review of Ezyfil.com

On analyzing the domain of Ezyfil.com we find that there is no Contact address of the domain owner and all the details are hidden. More over if you look at the bottom of the site it is written that Copyright 2010 ezyfil.com. but the domain was created on 13 April 2011.

It is written in there home page that there is no investment but the site ask for Rs.3000 as a one time membership fees. And one of there member has written that he getting Rs.3000 pr month by just paying Rs.500. Now for what he has paid Rs.500 if the Membership cost is Rs.3000.

How Ezyfil.com Works

According to the Website, the process is only five step process. At first you need to login into the members area and then you need to copy your personal links (given by the Site admin). At third step you need to promote this link to collect the user information. The fourth step will be collecting the user information. And the final step will be what you are looking for i.e to earn money from us. And for every form filled you will get just Rs.10.

And the most important is that you will have to promote the links given by them and i don't think in India this system works.

Payment Proof of Ezyfil.com

There is no payment proof of Ezyfil.com till now, only there are some customer opinion which seems to be fake.

So if you have read whole review about Ezyfil.com, you must have decided whether you have to join or not. Remember the website does not has any registered office in India so you cannot catch anyone.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nokia C2-06 Dual SIM Phone Feature & Price

Nokia C2-06 Touch and Type dual SIM mobile phone is a very good phone with lot of features and specification and most important now you have dual SIM compatibility in Nokia. The phone comes with attractive colours and high-quality materials that’s easy to use – scroll through websites, photos and music on the 2.6” touch screen. The phone allow you to easily swap between your SIM cards.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Feature & Specification of Nokia C2-06 Dual SIM Phone

Nokia C2-06 comes in 103 x 51.4 x 17 mm size with battery weight of just 115 gm and has a slide-out keypad. The phone has 2.6" touch screen with 240 X 320 QVGA resolution and Up to 65,536 colours with resistive touch screen.

Nokai C2-06 comes with 10MB internal memory and external memory of 2GB which can be extended up to 32GB. The phone has BL-5C 1020 mAh Li-Ion battery which gives 5Hr talk time with 400h standby time. It uses GPRS/EDGE rel-6, class B, multi-slot class 12 (2.5/2.75G) data network with Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The phone has 2 megapixel camera with 4X digital Zoom facility. Good Internet and browsing capabilities and easy access to social networks via Communities client – Facecbook, Twitter and photos upload to Facebook and Flickr.

Price of Nokia C2-06 Dual SIM Phone

The price of Nokia C2-06 dual SIM phone in India is Rs. 5300.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid Mubarak Sms for Free in Hindi & English

Eid ul-Fitr which is commonly known as EID is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting according to Wikipedia . As Eid for 2011 is falling on 31st August 2011 which is very near so you must be looking for free Hindi and English EID Mubarak SMS, Ecards, greeting cards for your friends and relatives. Below are some of the free EID SMS which we have collected form different websites, user submitted which are very decent and nice. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Top EID Mubarak SMS

1. Today i pray that:-
Happiness be at ur door
May it knock early
Stay late & leave the gift of Allah's
Peace,love,joy & good health behind

shaban mubarak,eid mubarak,
ramadan mubarak,

May you remain happy all the time
Irrespective of any occasion.

2.EID MUBARAK ho Aapko,
Dher sari tarif aur khusiya mile aapko,
But, Jab EIDI mile aapko to Please....
Aap Yaad karna Sirf Humko!!!

3.Sada haste raho jaise haste hain phool,
Duniya ki sare gham tumeh jaye bhool,
Charo taraf phalao khushion ka geet,
Eisi ummid ka sath Yaar tumhe...MUBARAK ho EID.

4.Some words can be left unsaid,
Some feeling can be left unexpressed,
But person like u can never be forgotten on this day


5.Sunhari Dhup Barsat ke Bad, thodi Si Hushi Har Bat ke Bad,
Usi Tarah Ho Mubarak App Ko Ye Nayi Subah Kal rat Ke Bad Happy Eid day.

6.The moon has been sighted
The samoosas are ready
Here comes EID so just go steady
Lots of dua"s is all i request
and just wanted to wish you all the BEST!!!
"Eid Mubarak"

7.May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always. Eid Mubarik

8.Many are the wishes
that are being sent your way,

but the is a special one
for a very happy Eid Day

9.Eid leka aate hai dher sare khusiya,
Eid mita deta hai insan mai duriya,
Eid hai khuda ka ek nayam tabarok
Eisi liye kahte hai sab EID MUBARAK.

10.Of all the days to celebrate
this out shines the rest,

Here is hoping that
this EID is happiest and best

These were some of the best and good Eid Mubarak SMS. You can also post your own Eid SMS through Comments. Happy Eid in Advance.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Statoil Energy Company Fake Job Offer

The latest fake employment offer letter which we got is of Statoil Energy Company USA which is an international energy company present in more than 30 countries around the world. We got mail from STATOIL ENERGY TEXAS [nfo@stateoil.com] which may be fake letter. If you look at the email you will see that its address is nfo@stateoil.com instead of info@statoil.com. There is an extra E in the email address website. We time to time aware you of such fake emails so that you don't get cheated. Below is the complete email which we got, have a look. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

JOB VACANCY IN STATOIL ENERGY COMPANY USA The Employment office of Statoil Energy Texas office has approved the employment of qualified interested applicants into the following vacant positions available to enhance quality service delivery in our Texas operational base in United States of America.
Qualified Medical Doctors , Service Technicians, Facility Maintenance, Mechanical Engineers, Technical Design Engineers, Welding and fabrication Experts, Petroleum Product sales Marketers, Administrative executives, Geology project managers, Accountants, Environmental Experts, Office assistants, Civil Engineers, Plant Startup, Machine Operators, Construction and Installation experts EMPLOYMENT ENTITLEMENTS AND BENEFITS Net Monthly salary after Tax: $7,225:00 USD.
Life Insurance
Paid Vacation benefit
Regular training and promotion
Study Scholarship to one child of each Employee Medical care and accommodation for full time employees Pension and Gratuity JOB OFFER STATUS:
We offer-full time and part-time
Full-time for Staffs and part-time for Casual workers.
Serious Applicants are to submit their Educational Qualification Certificates and Resume CV through this email address below for Verification and Consideration. Do not apply if you do not have Educational certificates and International pass sport.
Email: statoiltexas@9.cn Tel: +1-5187956077
Mr. Mark Davies
US Office Human Resource Department

If you really wanna apply, then directly apply to Statoil Energy Website. If you also got such mail then you can tells through your comments.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Star Panel 1st Survey in 3 Months

After joining Star Panel Survey 3 months ago, i though that i will be making some extra money without any investment. Star Panel Survey is run by our so called famous news channel & entertainment group Star which has channels like Star movies, Star News, Star Gold and many other regional star channels. After joining Star Panel, i waited for my survey to come but none came. I asked them at there Facebook page tat what happen why survey's are not coming and they replied that we are working on it. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

(Star Panel Survey)

I also checked my Star panel setting and increased the number of survey's per month bit then also no survey came. I have almost forgotten about the Star Panel survey but yesterday only i got a survey from Star panel which made be surprised and the cost of that Star Panel survey was $1.25 for which i waited so long.

The minimum payout of Star panel is $10.5 (USD) so you can calculate how much time i will have to wait to get that payment (These are Author own view).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Buy Tickets, Cost of Tickets of Indian Formula One Grand Prix (F1 GP)

India is soon to have its first ever Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP) sports event in Buddh International Circuit (BIC) Noida, Uttar Pradesh, which will be starting from 28th October 2011 and called as 2011 FORMULA 1 AIRTEL GRAND PRIX OF INDIA. This is a 3 day event for which tickets sale has already announced. Tickets are available at Jaypee Sports International Limited website and bookmyshow.com. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Indian Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP) Ticket Price

The cost of tickets of Indian Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP) starts form Rs.2500 for south zone and goes to highest value of Rs35000 for west zone. Below you can see the ticket price chart for formula one GP.

There are other service like parking for four wheeler and two wheeler which is available only for ticket purchase of 2 for two wheeler and 3 for four wheeler.

Venue for Indian Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP)

The venue for Indian Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP) is Buddh International Circuit (BIC) Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Where to buy Indian Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP) Tickets

The tickets for Indian formula one Grand Prix are available at below sites.


For any other detail like timing, general guidelines, how to reach Buddh International Circuit (BIC) Noida, List of prohibited items you can leave your comments.

Indian Formula One Grand Prix (F1 GP) Schedule

India is holding its first ever Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP)in Buddh International Circuit (BIC) Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The event will begin from 28th October 2011 starting with practice session. The tickets are on sale now at popular ticket selling websites. Narayan Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok will represent India in Formula one Grand Prix (F1 GP). Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Image Courtesy: www.formula1.com

Schedule of India Formula One Grand Prix (F1 GP)

First Day -Friday 28th October 2011

Practice Session 1 – 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Practice Session 2 – 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Second Day- Saturday 29th October 2011

Practice Session 3 – 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Qualifying Race – 2:00 PM onwards

Third and Final Day - Sunday 30th October 2011
Final Race – 3:00 PM Onwards

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tim Cook new Apple Inc CEO, Steve Jobs Resigns

Steve Jobs who was the CEO of Appl Inc. has resigned as CEO as announced by Apple’s Board of Directors in a press release of Apple and the Board has named Tim Cook, previously Apple’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), as the company’s new CEO. Jobs has been elected Chairman of the Board and Cook will join the Board, effective immediately. You can see the press release at Apple website or below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teacher's Day Free SMS,Quotes & ECards

Soon Teacher's day is arriving in India i.e on 5th September 2011, which is celebrated in birthday of second President of India,Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. In different countries teachers day is celebrated on different days but the motive is same of appreciating the Teachers. If you are thinking to send SMS, Quotes & ECards to your Teachers then you can see below sites for your reference. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Few Teacher' Day SMS

1.We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and
efforts you have put in, for educating us. Happy Teacher's Day

2.Thanks for being a true mentor of our hearts.
Happy Teachers day

3.I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in one person.
And that person is you (name of your teacher)

4.I may not say it always.
But, I mean it whenever I say it.
Thank You Teacher
For all the things you have done for me.
Happy Teachers Day!

5.You are the bestest Teacher in this world.
Wherever I may go in my life,
I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher.

6.Teachers Day
The way you teach...
The knowledge you share...
The care you take...
The love you shower..
Makes you...
The world's best teacher...
Happy Teacher's Day!

Teacher's Day FREE SMS Websites


Teacher's Day FREE E-Cards Websites

You can also greet your teacher's by sending a free E-card to them from below websites.


You can also add your own SMS and wishes for your teacher through comment.

Tarak Bajpai Message from District Court Thane 23 August

On 23 August 2011 Mr.Tarak Bajpai visited district & session court Thane for hearing and on coming outside he gave a message to all the Speak Asian panelist that they will win surely. His wording was "Everybody is fighting for all the panelist including me, stay patience for some time and we are bound to win and we will definitely win". On listening this message outside Mumbai court all the panelist were cheering for him and were showing victory sign. You can listen and see the message of Mr. Bajpai in below video which is brought you by AmanSpeak Asian. This is the latest update for Speak Asia.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Is Ram Survey Doing Anything to Pay Money to Panelist

It has been a long time since Ram Survey panelist got there payment, they are just getting dates which continues to change. Earlier on 5th August Ram survey released a notice in which it says that there account are freezed by the authorities but as on 24th August 2011 they have not given any update about the payment and there progress for bank payments and unfreezing of account. Now from a quite long time we all are having doubts that is Ram survey is going to pay or not? Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

We all are seeing that Speak Asia is trying its best in giving payment and registering in India and even they have given the panelist progress report of registration. But Ram Survey is already registered in India then the question is that why they are not giving payment and why still there accounts are blocked if they are genuine company in India and why they not doing any thing for getting there account.

The main question which arise in our mind is that they have money for opening a offline/online store & buying products for there store but don't have money to give to the panelist. And according to present update they are just saying to take products instead of money. Do we all really need there products or our money ??

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Internet Download Manager With Speed Limiter Facility

Internet Download Manager which is popularly know as IDM is now with the facility of speed limiter which means that now you can set the download speed rate for every download. As every one know that Internet Download Manager(IDM) is number 1 download manager and is available in very low cost with lifetime update. With this new feature of IDM now you can set a high download speed rate to your important downloads. This new facility comes in Version 6.07 build 7 which was released on 1 August 2011. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

If you have not used IDM till now then you must try it as Internet Download Manager can be downloaded free from IDM website but it will only work for 30 days and after that to use it you will have to buy it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Auto Withdrawal Money From PayPal

In India there are some rules according to which you have to withdraw your money from PayPal within 7 days of receiving it. Now for making it a automatic process, PayPal has added a auto-withdrawal button which can make your withdrawal very easy and automatic. Just go to your PayPal profile and click on add/edit bank account and click on Auto Withdrawal which will make your primary or selected account eligible to receive money from PayPal automatically. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tarak Bajpai Released from Judicial Custody on Unconditional Bail

Today on 18th August 2011 Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai was released from judicial custody on bail. Earlier mr. Bajpai was on police custody from 29 July 2011 and then in judicial custody from 12th August. EOW(Economic Offence Wing) was not able to produce any strong proof against Speak Asia officials and company. Speak Asia has already in process of registration in India and its is also in news that it is registered in Bangladesh. Today Abaad Ponda who is lawyer of Speak Asia told that all the Speak Asian official has been granted unconditional bail. The news has bring rally a new hope to all Speak Asians. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

This bail is costing Rs15 lakh which has to be deposited and also Tarak Bajpayi will have to appear on Monday and Thursday in the EOW office.

CEPTAM - 04 Results Soon to be Announced

Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) is soon going to announce the list of shortlisted candidates for Centre for Personnel Talent Management (CEPTAM)-04 exam which was held on 05th June 2011. DRDO earlier has announced that the result will be displayed in there website till 15th August 2011 but according to latest update the result of CEPTAM-04 will be soon displayed in DRDO website till then candidates are requested not to make any telephone call or not to send any email in this regard to DRDO.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Results are Announced for some Post Code & Post Name. Check your CEPTAM 04 Result Here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Speak Asia Registered in Bangladesh

There is a good news for Bangladeshi panelist of Speak Asia as it got registered in Bangladesh as a private company. From a very long time Bangladesh panelist were not happy with Speak Asia as they were not getting any money from them. And all Bangladesh panelist were complaining about Speak Asia and were selling there Speak Asia PIN at low rate. Now registration of Speak Asia must have given hope and strength to them. In India condition is something different as panelist here are waiting for the COO to get released from judicial custody. Hope in India also Speak Asia got registered fast. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fake Google Adsense Account Seller

If you will search about Google Adsense Account in Google search engine then you can easily see that there are some ads in the right and top showing cheap Google Adsense account, fast approval of Google Adsense account and even selling Google Adsense account in a very low rate of $6 or even Rs.399. There are some other site which demand high rate like $30 for a adsense a account and claim that they are genuine site and has hundreds of satisfied customer. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

If you will visit site shown in the ads you will find that they have created this site in free blogger platform like blogger, wordpress etc. and has given there phone numbers which belong to Pakistan and India. The main aim of these account seller's is only to take your money and give you a fake account which will be disabled or never created.

It is very disappointing to see that Google Adword team is approving ads of such site which have only 1 page in there blog and site and that is of selling Google adsense account. Google adword policy are such that if you don't have site fulfilling there policy then they ban your Google Adword account.

If you really want to earn online through Google Adsense then you should make a good website and should apply after 6 months for the Google account only after satisfying Google Adsense policy. Google Adsense account are free so there is no need to pay for the account.

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