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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beware Of Fake Job Guarantee Or Resume Building Company


Time to time we inform you about the fake Job emails which you may get and they will demand for money in lieu of Job. As we already told you that Company which demand money for Job is a fake and will take your money and will Vanish and also it is not good to bribe someone for Job. If you have caliber you will surely get a good Job.

You must be thinking why i am writing this boring story type post but its very important to tell you some new tricks of the Fake company which will ask for money in different different way So be aware and be safe.

Now i will tell you how these fraud company track you specially freshers are in there aim as they are really in need of Job. Every fresher usually wright a Heading in there CV or Title while submitting there CV to Job Sites or crating a new Profile in Sites like Naukri.com, Monster.com etc. From here Some company tracks your from your profile and will send you email regarding Job opening and will talk you to offer good Salary. They will also ask you to meet them personally with your CV or Resume. These company put there name as a client of a big company or may be they call them as representative of the big banner company.

Now when you will go to meet them for a interview you will see that there are other persons and fresher for the interview. Now its time for interview. They will ask you some general questions like your introduction, your Hobby, How salary you want, in which location you want to work etc. After that the main thing will come from there mouth. They will ask Money from you, may be Rs.500, Rs 300 etc. And they will say that this is for Resume building service and they will return it if you don't get selected. And if you don't have money then they will say that you can give any some of money like Rs.100 or even Rs.50 and will give a receipt of that in which it will be clearly written that This payment is for Resume building and will not be refunded.

Thus you will become a fool and will find yourself looted and if you will call them they will refuse to pay your money. Don't think it is a story it is from personal experience. Don't let Fake company take your money. Any company who ask for money from you is fake and don't think much and refuse to pay. Now you should block that company in your Job Site from where you get the mail.

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