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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Speak Asia Stops Payments Of Panelist - Complain By Panelist


After the Expose of Speak Asia by different news channel like Star News, Aaj Tak, CNN, Headline Today, CNBC Awaaz etc. Now Speak Asia has hold the payment of all the Panelist who have requested for the Payment. This is not said by any news channel this time, this is the wording of the Panelist of the Speak Asia. Speak Asia on one side is saying panelist to show there faith and support to the company and on other hand has stopped the payment of the Panelist. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Many of the panelist has complain that they have not received there payment which they have requested after 13 May 2011, though the company assures to pay in 2 day time period. Some Panelist also says that there payment is shown processed one day and other day it shows Request in Progress. Till now it has not been proved that the company is genuine or not but due to latest TV news it has surely affected the Panelist and there Payment.

According to a Bangladesh Panelist of Speak Asia in Facebook comment has said that they have faced same problem in Bangladesh which Indian Panelist are facing Now. And Speak Asia is Sinking in India as it has sunk in Bangladesh. All there are complain from Panelist that there sub panel survey not working. I think soon Speak Asia will have to give answer to all the question even asked by there panelist now which has not received there payment till now.



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