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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recover Your Old & Deleted Post In Blogger


Blogger has been in maintenance for almost 3 days. The post which you have posted from 11 May 2011 may have not been recovered as one of our post though blogger has recovered most of the post and pages. So if you are thinking to create that page or post again it is good but will take a long time. So here is a simple trick by which you can get your post recovered fast and you can then see it in Google search fast.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Just search your deleted post in Google by the title and then click on the Google result, you will find that there is no such post exist and it may be in your blogger draft without any content in it.

Now question is how to recover this deleted post. The answer is very simple and its Google. Google keeps the previous link and pages in its Cach. And yes you can recover your post from there as we did for our post Ram Survey Review Fraud Payment Proof.

To recover your post click on Cached in the Google result of that post and it will show you all the content of your post. Now you can directly copy all the contents from there and paste it into your new post and then you can publish it. By this simple method you can also recover images, pictures of your blogger post. You can also tell us if your are having any problem.



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