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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Blogger Blogspot Sitemap Generator For Google & Bing


Submitting your site Sitemap is very important as it tells search engine about the total pages in your website and thus Search Engine Crawler can index your all site pages. Submitting Sitemaps for a hosted website is not a big task but when you speak of Blogspot you may be in trouble. As many Blogspot User don't know how to submit there sitemap as think where they will upload there sitemap. I also use to think like that. But few days back i read a about how to Submit & Generate Sitemap for blogger easily in Labnol which is a most visited Technology blog. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Steps To Submit Blogspot Sitemap To Webmaster Tools & Bing Easily

1. You will need to visit Labnol Sitemap Generator which is fast & best Sitemap Generator.

2.Put the URL of your Blogger blog for which you want to generate Sitemap.

3.Now you will see a link for sitemap below Google just copy that and paste it in your Google Webmaster Tool. To Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing just click on the link and it will automatically submit the Sitemap to Bing.

4.Now you may see a timer in Status of your Sitemap. Don't Worry it will become a green signal once Google approve or submitted your sitemap.

5.If your blog has many pages say 1400 or more then you will have to submit all the sitemap links individually.

The above image shows that your all sitemap are submitted and working fine. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.



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