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Friday, May 20, 2011

Speak Asia Advocate Public Statement On Press Conference


In the latest News On Speak Asia and Star News there has been a new turn. Few hours ago only Speak Asia Online Survey Company Advocate Mr. Ashok Saraogi has said in the press conference that the money which Subscriber or panelist pay is for Subscription to Magazine and survey's are just additional feature and can also be terminated. According to him Speak Asia will continue to give survey to the panelist and when the Companies which conduct survey stops there agreement then Speak Asia can also stop serving Survey to its Panelist. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

It made all suspicious that Speak Asia said it is a survey company and now it is saying that it only charge for E-magazine. So soon it may happen that Speak Asia Online Survey company can stop serving Surveys to its subscriber as no one conducts survey's from speak Asia and it has conducted surveys them self. So before investing any money please stop and wait for some days so that complete investigation by RBI and Mumbai Police can be done.

The main question will be in everybody mind that what will happen if Speak Asia will not give any survey to its panelist. Then how Panelist will earn $80 which they used to earn from survey's ??



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