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Friday, May 20, 2011

What is Na Pohybel Janas- The Most Searched Word In Google


Na Pohybel Janas has become the most search Phrase of the year 2011 according to according to Google and every second people are searching about Na Pohybel Janas. Australia is the country where it has been searched a lot of time. Germany, Romania, Moldova was also on the Top. Some people think it as a evil sign and some are taking it generally. So finally every body want to know what is Na Pohybel Janas.

Na Pohybel Janas has become fastest rising Google search in the world and according to some people it relates to the End of the World. Combining the Polish meaning of Janas with the Polish translation of the phrase gives the literal translation "Death to God's gracious gift".

According to one reader Na pohybel Janas was just a cry by Polish football fans against the former Polish coach Pawel Janas. It has nothing to do with 'God's gift' or anything like that. You can also read it about Hubpages which has some different blogger view about it. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.



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