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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Speak Asia Announce Reward Programmes

There were lots of confusion among Speak Asian panelist about the present state of the Speak Asia company has its bank account has been freezed by the singapore government. But Speak Asia has given there answer to those people who were thinking that speak Asia is Closed or Run away. In there latest Pop-Up there have announced there reward program to its panelist which includes also a trip to Singapore which is schedule on 7th July 2011. The complete message from Speak Asia team is below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Dear Speakasians,

We are very happy to announce the distribution of all the rewards achieved by Speak Asians under various reward programmes. The process for same shall be as per the schedule given below:

* Provogue Gift Voucher's: Provouge Gift Vouchers for the reward program Direct'ly on the TOP ( worth Rs. 10,000 ) are being sent to the HVP Distributors who will help in distributing these Gift vouchers Area Wise. The list of achievers will be displayed on the site along with detail of the distributor from whom they are supposed to collect the vouchers. All achievers are expected to contact and collect their gift Vouchers from the respective Distributor in their area. These vouchers then can be redeemed at the nearest Provouge store. (Click here to download the list of stores where the gift vouchers can be redeemed)

* TVC Gift Article: Majority of panellists have already received their gifts . Many panellists have not confirmed the new gift which has to be replaced due to non availability of the originally ordered gift. The delivery of the same shall begin from 3rd of June 2011. The gifts are being door delivered at the addresses given by you in your SAOL profile. In case of any non receipt kindly feel free to call up the TVC help line no. given on their website : www.tvcskyshop.com

* Lenovo Laptop: The vouchers will be sent to all winner who will collect the Laptops from delivery points of Lenovo from 20th June onwards. The details of the delivery points will be communicated shortly.

* Singapore Trip: The Trip has been planned in the First week of July. All the qualified panelists shall shortly receive a mail on their email id's as given on the SAOL profile. This mail shall have details of the documents to be submitted and the address. There after all interested panelist shall have to be prepared to send the passport to the travel agent by 15th June. This will help to obtain the VISA by 30th June 2011. Likely date of travel is 7th July 2011.

* Mobile Phone: Google Android based touch screen smart phones shall start reaching the panellists from 3rd week of June. Kindly be informed that there are more than 50,000 phone to be distributed hence it is a time and effort consuming process. 4500 phones shall be door delivered on a weekly basis to assure completion . The panellists shall receive it in the order of qualification from the start date of reward programme.

* TV Sets: As committed, the order for the TV sets have been placed. There is good news and we are sure the panellists are sure to appreciate that instead of 32" LCD TV the paneliests will receive 32" LED TV and the Distribution of TV sets will begin in the first week of July.

* Cars: The car achievers are requested to forward the details of the nearest car distributors of the category achieved via their area managers.

Please note that the 'Send Me Cash' requests made during the period 13th May 2011 – till date have been reverted and added back to the Ewallet or Survey Ewallet of the ID .

Team SpeakAsia

Ram Survey Latest News - Bank Account Freezed

According to the latest news on Ram Survey police has blocked 4 bank accounts of Ram survey and there owner and management team. The Ram Survey was having account on SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank and ICICI bank. According to the news police is claiming that Ram survey SBI account has 6 crore rupees and Axis bank has about 70 lakh rupees. News claims that HDFC and ICICI bank account of Ram survey has little amount of money as the owner may have taken out the money after the expose of Ram Survey.

Now Ram Survey bank accounts can receive the payment but the money cannot come out of the bank accounts which means panelist will not get any money fro Ram survey for now. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email for latest news on Ram Survey.

Economic Times Latest News On Speak Asia

The Economic Times, Delhi has published a news about Speak Asia on Today's latest 31 May 2011 paper. In there news titling Speak Asia Seeks to Revive business, Speak Asia has denied that there Bank Account has been frozen and they said that they are just moving there Bank account from UOB to other bank account and they will release the payment of panelist soon. But in earlier news Speak Asia has admitted themselves that there bank account were frozen by Singapore government. This news is also published in Economics Times Mumbai Edition, Bangalore Edition & Kolata Edition. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

The complete news which was printed in The Economic Times, Delhi edition is below.

Speak Asia Seeks to Revive business

MUMBAI Speak Asia,an online service company that is facing a probe for running schemes that may be illegal in India,said it is working on reviving its businesses,including moving of its bank accounts from United Overseas Bank in Singapore.Our bank account in Singapore has not been frozen... we are only moving our company account to another bank.We will soon be able to disburse the payments to all panelists, Speak Asia said in a statement

Speak Asia is regularly changing there statement time to time so it is the only time to watch and wait situation.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

CBSE 10 Chennai Result On 31 May 2011

CBSE has declared the Result date for 10th Chennai region schools which is 31st May 2011. There is no news of Delhi CBSE board result till now in CBSE official website. CBSE has already declared the 12th Result.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.
Chennai Region Students can see there Xth result form tomorrow in CBSE Website.

Police Case Against Ram Survey - Star News

In a latest news of Ram Survey online company investor has filed a FIR against 4 people of the company including S K Kushawaha who is MD of the company. The case was filed in Mirjapur Police station according to the latest Star News. The Ram Survey Website is working fine but the payment are held. According to the company they are updating the Bank Profile. Dont know why this survey companies are only updating there website after there expose by TV channels. Is this a way of holding payments of there Panelist ? Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

If there is any further update we will let you know.

Ram Survey Shows Some Legal Document

After the Star News Expose of Ram Survey, Ram Survey had a meeting which they had called a press conference but nothing work out out. Now Ram Survey company has started showing some of there document like TAN, Central board of Excise & Custom document. They have shown a letter in there website which is written to Police officer against the FIR of one of there Panelist. On sharing these document on there Facebook profile they have got lots of comments and there panelist are still in confusion that this does not prove that they will pay. Though Ram Survey has assured them that there Website is Upgrading and they will soon release the payments. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

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Star News TRP Increased This Month Because Of Speak Asia

This month in May 2011, the searches for Star News has shown a tremendous increase after Star News Expose Speak Asia. According to our research we found that during 13 to 17 May 2011 Star news was a very search able term in the Google search engine and thus has given a tremendous TRP to Star News. According to our research Speak Asia Was the most search term with the Star News. If you see below graph of Star News you will get a clear idea what we are saying. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

It was in news that Star news is showing latest news against Speak Asia just for TRP's. Also some were saying that it is a business rivalry as Star Survey Company Star Panel is in the Market. On seeing the above graph you can have idea how much TRP Star News has gain this month just from Speak Asia News. Aaj Tak TRP has also gone up for Sure.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Speak Asia Latest News & Breaking News of Speak Asia

If you are searching for latest news or breaking news of today on Speak Asia Online Survey Company then you are at the write place. We continuously have a eye on information regarding Speak Asia Online Survey Company (SAOL). And regularly post all information regrading the Survey Company Speak Asia. Below are the information link of all information regarding Speak Asia latest News.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

We have arranged the news in Descending order means the Latest News On Speak Asia will be at Top.

Speak Asia Latest News | Breaking News Of Speak Asia

SpeakAsia Releasing Payment to Panelist : October 2012 UpdateNew
SpeakAsia Final Hearing on 8th August 2012
Speak Asia Latest Supreme Court hearing 6th Feb 2012
Speak Asia Credited Survey Amount January 2012
Supreme Court to Settle Speak Asia dispute
Speak Asia Website Started Again
Speak Asia Surveys were Fake or Real ??
Speak Asia Update of 19th September 2011
Red Corner Notices for 7 Speak Asia Office Bearers
Supreme Court Not Dismissed Speak Asia Petition- Letter from Harendar Kaur
Supreme Court Rejects Speak Asia Plea
Why Media is not Covering Speak Asia News
Tarak Bajpai Message from District Court Thane 23 August
Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai Got Unconditional Bail
EOW fail against Speak Asia. Tarak Bajpai to bail out soon
Speak Asia Don't Have Control Over There Website Server
Case Against Speak Asia Agency in Lucknow
Nagpur Panelist Speak Asia Press Conference
Speak Asia India CEO Manoj Kumar Address Speak Asian- Video
Tarak Bajpai Not Arrested, Only In Custody
COO Tarak Bapai On Custody of EOW Mumbai
Speak Asia Registration Progress In India
Star News Apologies For Showing False News Against Speak Asia
Speak Asia Guilty of Section 591
Motivational Message from Speak Asia
Speak Asia Product Delivery and TAX
Speak Asia new YUG Website Launched latest News
Speak Asia Started Payment According to Mumbai Panelist
YUG Speak Asia Website Launch On 10th July
Speak Asia 1st July Pop-Up
Government Cannot Take any Action Against Speak Asia
Speak Asia 2 Franchisee Arrested At Andhra Pradesh
Speak Asia New Website Preview
Speak Asia Blogger Theme Template
Speak Asia New Website Launch- 23rd June Update
ED Starts Investigation On Speak Asia- 21st June
Mr. Tarak Bajpai Interview by Hindustan Times At Lucknow
Speak Asia Seminar Lucknow
Speak Asia New Pop-Up Message
Speak Asia Presentation In Different Cities
Yahoo Finance - Speak Asia Fake & Ponzi
Result Of Speak Asia Seminar At Delhi Talkatora on 9 June 2011
Speak Asia Soon To Register in India
Speak Asia Get its Money Back From Bank
Speak Asia New FAQ Updates
Speak Asia Delayed Increase Of Subscription Fees
Economics Times Latest News on Speak Asia
Speak Asia Mega Seminar In Delhi
Speak Asia New Advocate Public Notice and Statement
CNBC News On Closed Speak Asia Bank Account
Star News Claim Speak Asia Bankrupt
Speak Asia Latest Message to Panelist
Speak Asia Request To Sign Online Petition
Speak Asia Account Freeze by UOB in Singapore
BJP Protest In Baroda Against Speak Asia
Speak Asia Stops Panelist Payment
COO Tarak Bajpai Video Address to Speak Asian
New Message to Speak Asian From Speak Asia Team
Speak Asia Official Arrested in Bangladesh for Fraud
Speak Asia Advocate Statement on Press Conference
Real Owner Of Speak Asia online
Complete Investigation Of Speak Asia Online By Headlines Today
Speak Asia Office Run in Small Room- Aaj Tak Report

Kirit Somaiya File Case On Speak Asia Online
Rahul Kanwal Headline Today News on Speak Asia Online
CNBC Awaaz News On Speak Asia Online
Result Of Speak Asia Conference At Mumbai On 16 May 2011
Live Telecast Of Speak Asia Online Press Conference
Speak Asia Clearance from RBI
Press Conference Of Speak Asia Online
Public Statement of Speak Asia Online Chairman
Aaj Tak News on Speak Asia Online
Star News Video On Speak Asia Online
Star News Expose Speak Asia Online
How to Fill Survey Of Speak Asia Online
Speak Asia Review Payment Proof SCAM Fraud Genuineness

Rajinikanth Admitted In Singapore For Medical Treatment

The Super Star of India Rajinikanth was ill for a quite long time and his treatment was going in Indian Hospital but now according to latest news he has been admitted in Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for further treatment. The 61 year old Rajnikanth was earlier admitted to a hospital in Chennai following respiratory infection and other problems. He was accompanied by his two daughters and a son-in-law who has refused to comment on his health. Earlier was also rumors about his death. His recent hits were Robot and Shiva Ji.

Rajinikanth has a huge fan following in India and world. This news has really a shocking news for Rajinikanth Fans. We wish that he get well soon and give us more blockbuster movies. You can leave your Wishes for Rajinikanth here through your comments. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

IPanel Online Review SCAM Payment Proof

IPanel Online is a free survey Site which is becoming popular these days as we have got lots of comment saying to join IPanel Online Survey Company. The main question is that Is IPanel Online Genuine or It is a SCAM. According to user comment you will see that you can earn Rs.15000 per month from this Survey Company, so to test its working we joined IPanel Online Survey. According to Ipanel website it is founded in 2004, are a professional market research panel supplier and iPanel has created panels in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam etc. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Review Of IPanel Online Survey

When we see Ipanel Online Website and reached to its contact Us page, there was only a contact form and in Company Name India Online Survey was written. there was no Company Address of India. So it is not registered in India or has nay office in India. It has only a emails address fro contacting sales-group@ipanelonline.com.

On taking Surveys of Ipanel online you can get irritated as it will mostly say that your are not eligible for the survey and will give only few points for every survey.

Domain Analysis of IPanel Online shows that the domain was registered in 2009 by Shanghai ipanel and is registered till 2016. which proves that the site aims in running for long time. And the Owner of Domain Ipanel online is Deke.

Payment Proof Of IPanel Online Survey

You can have redeem your points in form of Prizes and gifts and can also withdraw payments through Paypal account. In India there is no actual payment proof of Ipanel which we got. If we receive any Payment will post here quickly.

If you have any other information or payment proof of your please leave a comment. Till then Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Speak Asia Mega Seminar In Delhi Talkatora Stadium

According to the latest news which are heard from the unknown source, On June 2 2011 or may be 9 June Speak Asia Online is going to have a mega seminar event at Talkatora Stadium Delhi. The seminar will held in 2 shifts i.e morning and evening with 4000 seats. The Ticket of this seminar is not free and will cost around Rs.200 each. Speak Asia Online has not announced this mega seminar till now. And it can be a fake news according to its panelist. Till now Speak Asia has only issued a public notice in which it has asked people not to believe nay other site which looks like Speak Asia. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

To book the Tickets of Speak Asia Online Mega Seminar at Delhi you can contact your Seniors and can know how to book tickets or this news is genuine or fake. Passes for this Mega Seminar are also available. Talkatora Stadium is an indoor stadium located in New Delhi with the capacity of 3035 People. We are collecting more information on this seminar and will update it has soon as we get any latest information on Speak Asia. Result of Speak Asia Delhi Seminar will be posted soon.

Pay From Mobile Using Google Wallet

Google Wallet is the New concept in the method of Paying. Since thousands of year our mode of Payment is mainly was Coin, then Paper money and now Plastic Money. But know Google bring the next big change in your way of making Payments. Google Wallet which is a Android application will bring the big change. Till now dat of Google Wallet launch is not declared. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

What is Google Wallet

Google Wallet is an Android app that makes your phone your wallet. It stores virtual versions of your existing plastic cards on your phone. Simply tap your phone to pay and redeem offers using near field communication, or NFC.

Who Can Use Google Wallet Service

At launch, Google Wallet will be compatible with Nexus S 4G by Google, available on Sprint with your Citi® MasterCard® cards and the Google Prepaid Card with Google Wallet.
To get notify when this service is active you can register your email ID at http://www.google.com/wallet/. You can share your thought and review about Google Wallet here through your comments.

Speak Asia Advocate Statement & Public Notice

A.K Singh and Co which is the legal adviser of Speak Asia Online now has issued a public notice in interest of people asking not to believe in Sites which looks similar to Speak Asia Online. There are lots of Website which has domain name similar to Speak Asia and has has some similar copied Content. So S.K. Singh Advocate for A.K Singh and Co has issued a public notice in which he has taken name of some website like speakasiaonline.co.in, speakasiaonline.in, speakasia.asia, speakasianet.co.cc etc. and asked public not to believe in such website. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Friday, May 27, 2011

CNBC News On Speak Asia Closed Bank Accounts

On the recent and latest news on Speak Asia about there closed and sealed bank accounts in India and Singapore now after Aaj Tak and Star News, CNBC has also started showing news about speak Asia online Survey Company. Speak Asia is filling a case in Supreme court but according to the latest news, the legal Adviser and Advocate of Speak Asia Online company Mr. Ashok Saraogi has given resignation from Speak Asia. Now question is that Who will fight case for Speak Asia Online.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Star News Claims Speak Asia Online Bankrupt

In Breaking news of Star News it has told that Speak Asia Online has been bankrupt after the seal of there bank account in Singapore and India. Now Speak Asia has no money to give to its panelist after there bank account freeze. Speak Asia has confirmed in there message that there bank account has been freezed without any prior notice and now they are not able to pay to its panelist till 6-8 weeks. Other Media channels has also started covering this news. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Speak Asia is still now claiming that everything is Ok and they have requested Panelist to sign online petition. Speak Asia Online are also saying that they will fight in Supreme Court. Speak Asia has also said that payment between 13 to 20 May 2011 has been held up or stopped.

SpeakAsiaOnline has recently changed the title of its webpage from "Speak Asia Online is Asia's largest integrated online survey group" to "The Survey Company". Panelist and Speak Asia Online Fans are planing to have a Candle March in India gate according to latest news against speak Asia Account Freeze.

Speak Asia Latest Message To Panelist Against Freezing Of There Bank Accounts

After the freezing of Indian and Singapore bank accounts of Speak Asia Online. Now company New CEO and Chairperson Ms. Harendar Kaur has sens a new message to the Speak Asian. Recently Mr. Manoj Kumar was Fired from the CEO post of Speak Asia Online according to the latest news. Ms. Harendar Kaur has also asked to sign a online Petition in her message to speak Asian and panelist. Now the qustion must be arising in everybodies mind that is Speak Asia online going to be Closed Soon ?Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Dear Fellow Speakasians,

Together we have worked very hard, night and day, to build a Brand, which has positively transformed the lives, of Lakhs of families across India in less than ONE year. There are so many heart-warming stories of personal triumphs and financial successes amongst the 19 lakh panellist community all across India already and we are poised to take the Brand into its India based operations phase.

This was achieved by our investments in IT systems/Infrastructure along with the pride and passion of Panellists and our Sales and Support staffs in India and Singapore, who are inspired with the Big Vision of creating a Global online business model FROM India and very soon becoming Asia's largest sovereign panellist community of empowered consumers.

The vicious media disinformation campaign, prompted by business rivalry, started at the closure of the successful and unique GenX Bazaar, on 11 May 2011.

We responded by proactively reaching out to the various Indian Govt. authorities, including the PMO on 15 May 2011 by email, requesting a thorough investigation into our business. This is to satisfy the authorities that the company was properly looking after the interests of all SpeakAsians, be it our Panellists or hardworking staff in the field. Our proactive action, is keeping in mind YOUR business interests, forever in the days ahead.

It has been brought to our notice, by our banking contacts, that despite the fact that authorities, have not replied to us formally or responded to our emails/letters of 15th till date, unfortunately, some Banks have temporarily frozen accounts of our India based agents.

Due to the media noise, on 25 May'11, UOB Bank at Singapore has also pressed us, for closure of our 2 Bank accounts within 2 days, without giving us the chance to present our case or even listen to us. Please note, in order to set up a seamless International Banking Gateway like the one at UOB Bank, takes at least 6 to 8 weeks of interbank and managed IT infrastructure coordination and implementation.


All the payments processed by Speakasiaonline between 13 to 20 May 2011, have been held up because the TT's have not been sent from Singapore to India, by the UOB Bank. On enquiring urgently, they provided us with a closure letter dated 25 May 2011.

Please be assured, that the Account Balance at Speakasia's UOB Bank accounts, is for and behalf of our Panellist, Vendors and Staff.

Whilst ALL the payments due to our Panellist community, is banked at UOB Singapore, nevertheless we have also urgently requested the UOB Bank and our law firm, to move the UOB Bank balance on the closure date, into a new Bank account or a Client Escrow account, to be held on behalf of the Panellists, Staff and Vendors of Speakasia ;

An Escrow account would ensure certainty along-with the law firm's supervision that the panellist money is kept for your benefit and stand the scrutiny of any authorities.

(An Escrow account is an arrangement where an independent trusted third-party (bank) receives and disburses money and/or documents for two or more transacting parties, with the timing of such disbursement by the third-party dependent on the performance by the parties of agreed-upon contractual provisions)

Due to these banking account related actions we have been FORCED to temporarily delay our normally prompt payout cycle, pending set up of new banking operations and clearance from the authorities.


We are moving the Supreme Court against the govt. Authorities and concerned Banks, for taking this SUO MOTO (without asking for clarification) action, without paying any attention to the interests of our Panellists, Vendors and Staff and their families;

We are prepared with all records, for submission to the authorities, if and when they communicate their requirements to us. Also we have written to them asking for an appointment to explain our case.

This has been a most disrupting experience for us ALL and we are MOST concerned about the disruption to your bank accounts and/or finances, that these actions prompted by the malicious media activity, thereby forcing the authorities have caused to us.

We will update you with progress daily, through our website, our staff and Helpline. Please DO NOT pay attention to any other sources of Dis – information, which are designed to mislead and upset you and your families.

We request all the panellists; to be with the company and have faith during these troubled times. We reiterate, that when the company had proactively gone ahead in order to submit the facts in front of the Govt. of India and authorities, then all the false allegations raised against us by various agencies, some of whom are competing unfairly with us, should not be allowed to prevail.

As already committed by the untiring management team in India, in the press conference of 15th May 2011, we have initiated the setting up our PE (Permanent Establishment) through a Branch office in India, so that the wrong allegations about our being suspect because of our Singapore origin, will be silenced once and for all time to come.

The entire company and its management is HERE TO STAY and are fighting, for our Panellists, Staff and Vendors and their families.

We are sure to win this battle together!!.

We understand that there is an online petition at the URL:


We request EVERYONE connected with Speakasia to sign the online petition and appeal for once and for all time clarity from the authorities.

Ms. Harendar Kaur
Chairperson & C.E.O

Speak Asia Request Panelist For Online Petition

After the freezing of Speak Asia 2 Bank Account in Singapore and some banks in India have temporarily frozen accounts of of Speak Asia agents in India. Now the present CEO and chairperson of Speak Asia online Ms. Harendar Kaur has asked its panelist and Speak Asia Supporter to to sign the online petition and appeal for once and for all time clarity from the authorities.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Speak Asia Online Petition

To show your support for Speak Asia you can also leave your comment here.

UOB Freezes Speak Asia Account Latest Aaj Tak News

On the recent and breaking news from Aaj Tak News Channel Speak Asia Online Survey Company bank Accounts has been freezed or blocked by UOB. According to the news there are 2 Speak Asia (SAO) Account in the UOB Bank which has been blocked. United Overseas Bank Limited or UOB is a premier bank in Asia Pacific region is incorporated in Singapore. It was founded 6 August 1935 by Kuching-born Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang, father of the present United Overseas Bank Group. Aaj Tak is claiming that that this is the effect of Aaj Tak News and now Speak Asia Online company has told to give Payment in 6 to 8 Weeks.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

According to Speak Asia itself it has said that "Due to the media noise, on 25 May'11, UOB Bank at Singapore has also pressed us, for closure of our 2 Bank accounts within 2 days, without giving us the chance to present our case or even listen to us. Please note, in order to set up a seamless International Banking Gateway like the one at UOB Bank, takes at least 6 to 8 weeks of interbank and managed IT infrastructure coordination and implementation."

We are trying to get more news on this from different channels like IBN7, Star News, CNBC and other and will keep you update on this page. Till then you can put your comments.
Update: Speak Asia online Petition | Speak Asia Latest Message Against Indian & Singapore Bank Freeze | Speak Asia Advocate Resigned

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Baba Ram Dev Hunger Strike From 4 June

The well know Yoga Guru around the World Baba Ram Dev said to the reporters that he will sit on a indefinite Hunger Strike. This Baba Ram Dev Hunger Strike Date is 4 June 2011 which will begin in Delhi. This is the Second Hunger Strike in this Year. Anna Hazare was on Strike earlier in April for the Lokpal Bill. This Baba Ram Dev Hunger Strike is against corruption and demanding a strong Lokpal Bill and bringing back black money from foreign Bank Account. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

According to Baba Ram Dev this "This is going to be the biggest satyagraha in the history of this country," and Anna Hazare will also Join the movement followed by crore of Baba Ram Dev Fans.

According to the Latest News government officials has already approached baba Ram Dev and assured him that they are doing there best to bring black money from foreign bank to India. This movement is going to be very big this time as everyone want to fight against corruption.

It is our request to all Indians that please come to Support Baba Ram Dev in his fight against corruption as this is the only time we can do something for our country. To join the Movement Just comment here about your Views and share it with your friends.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two Dollar Click Review SCAM Payment Proof

We got a request from a friend to Join Twodollarclick.com PTC site which pay's about $2 for viewing a other websites. PTC stands for Paid to click where user get some amount to click ads or link. After view 1 dollar click website we thought to do some research on it as we do. We want to know whether Two Dollar Click is a SCAM or a Genuine site. So if you are thinking to Join Two dollar click then wait here and read this review on 2 dollar PTC site.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Review On Two Dollar Click

Two Dollar Click PTC website is a free site to join which pays about $2 to its members and there are some other benefits like 10-20% referral commission, $1,000 cashout minimum in PayPal or Alert Pay etc. But the question is that who will pay $2 for a click as said by the website. While viewing the contact information of the site you will have to login. On looking to its domain we found that it was created in November 2010 and will expire in 2011. So the Company have no plan to work for more years else they have bought the domain for at-least 5 years.

Payment Proof Of Two Dollar Click

The site is new but still it has not paid any member till now. The company pays after 2 months of period. The company has Payment proof section in there website but it does not proof that they have paid. There are only Member user ID and payouts no actual screenshot of payments. Member are complaining that they have asked for the payment but still TwoDollarClick.com has not paid them even a single penny. And it has also written that All earnings listed and/or represented by twodollarclick.com are estimated value(s), actual value(s) subject to change with or without notice.

Strategy Of These Type of PTC Site

While seeing many PTC site till now we have only one conclusion that these PTC site just take money from advertiser and never pay to member who view this PTC links. So there is no use of wasting time on PTC sites.

If you have any experience with PTC site you can share it here through your comments or Subscribe to Syconet World by Email for more review on PTC site.

IIT JEE 2011 Cut-Off Marks & MQMR

IIT JEE 2011 Results are Out today on 25th May 2011 for the Admission in undergraduate program in top Indian IIT's. IIT has also declared the Cut-Off Marks for all Subject like Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics along with category cut-off. For General category Cut off marks is 229 whereas for SC its 119 and for ST it is 115. See complete list of Cut-off marks and MQMR below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

1. General Category IIT JEE Cut- Off : 229

Chemistry :- 20
Physics :-20
Mathematics :- 34

2. OBC Category IIT JEE Cut- Off : 207

Chemistry :- 18
Physics :-18
Mathematics :- 31

3. SC Category IIT JEE Cut- Off : 119

Chemistry :- 10
Physics :-10
Mathematics :- 17

4. ST Category IIT JEE Cut- Off: 115

Chemistry :- 10
Physics :-10
Mathematics :- 17

5. PD Category IIT JEE Cut- Off : 115

Chemistry :- 10
Physics :-10
Mathematics :- 17

Video Of Press Conference Of Ram Survey At Kanpur

As said by Ram Survey about the press conference in Manoj International Hotel in Kanpur, there was not any telecast of the Conference as said by them between 8 PM & 10 PM in IBN7, NDTV, Zee News, India TV, Mahua News & A to Z news. Though there is a news that it was telecast in Surya TV which is a local channel whose detail was not given in the site. The press conference was not looking professional at all and there was no question from media, i think Media was not present there and the conference which Ram Survey was saying look like a meeting or seminar type. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

The senior member of Ram Survey just asked to have faith in Ram Survey and criticize the Politician. He also said due to Ram Survey the report of crime has gone down. In his speech he was excited so much that he just spoke a bad language which we called Galli in Hindi.
Till now there is a no message from M.D. of Ram Survey for which people are waiting.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IIT JEE Results On 25 May 2011

IIT JEE Exam which was held on 10th of April 2011 and its result is going to be announced tomorrow that is 25 May 2011 in all IIT website whose links are given below. Each Year Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)is conducted by one of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) for the admission to Under Graduate (UG) programs. Soon after the result we will all post about the Topper of IIT JEE 2011 so you can Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

See IIT JEE Results 2011

IIT Kharagpur : www.jee.iitk.ac.in
IIT Madras : www.jee.iitm.ac.in
IIT Bombay : www.jee.iitb.ac.in
IIT Delhi : www.jee.iitd.ac.in
IIT Guwahati : www.iitg.ac.in/jee
IIT Kanpur : www.jee.iitd.ac.in
IIT Roorkee : www.iitr.ac.in/jee

IIT JEE Cut-off List

Missouri Tornado Kills 116 People

This is the second time when America has hit with a natural calamity. In the latest Missouri Tornado the number of people dead has raised to 116. A massive tornado hit the Joplin on Sunday and has destroyed a major part of the property. According to the news the Whether department gave the news of the dangerous storm just only 17 minutes before it happens. The speed of this Missouri Tornado is said to be 320km/hour. The news report that Tornado can come again and asked people to beware. Some of the pictures of this Missouri Tornado is shown below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Image/Picture source:hattiesburgamerican.com

Press Conference Of Ram Survey Today On News Channel

In the latest news from Ram Survey, the company is going to have a Press conference today on 24 May 2011 which will be live telecast on many news channel like IBN7, NDTV, Zee News, India TV, Mahua News & A to Z news in between 8 PM & 10 PM. Public Relation office (PRO) Mr. Sheikh Khurshid will represent Ram Survey. This news has been got from Ram Survey Official Website. So see live telecast of this press conference on your TV sets or Internet TV. The company has shown good sign of fight backby having a pres conference Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

As the Press conference will be telecast live we will keep you update on the result of Press conference. Will also try to post the Video of Press conference.
Update:-The press Conference which was going to Held at Hotel Manoj International in Kanpur and its live telecast which suppose to come in above mention news channel was not telecast in any news channel.

CNBC Awaaz News On Ram Survey - Owner Disappeared

On the latest and breaking News on Ram Survey, People who has purchased Subscription from Ram survey or as called Ram Survey Panelist has filled the police complain against Ram Survey. The police has demanded license and Permit of working from Ram Survey owner and M.D S K Kushawaha of the Ram Survey. According to the news after the police complain the owner has not shown in the office.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Will keep updating you on Ram Survey latest News.

IBN News On Ram Survey & GB Asia Survey

According to IBN live News or khabar two companies like speak Asia online who do online survey business has been closed and crores of public money has been looted by these survey companies which are Ram Survey & GB Asia Online Survey. According to IBN news GB Asia survey company looted crores of Rupees from people and and when there was there turn to written money to the people they have closed there offices. According to the people company promised to pay Rs.4000 per month in lie of Subscription fees of Rs.6000 in GB Asia Survey Company. Though the website of GB Asia is working fine and is not closed till now.

GB Asia Survey Company has run away. According to news police has raided GB Asia Office and has cached the Siraudin who is the runner of the Company. According to the people who invested on GB Asia the company has not paid them even a single Rupee. The owner of GB Asia has denied that there company has promised any return of Money to the people. IBN Khabar has also told about Ram survey but not said about closing of there office till now. The report is also now telecast on all popular channels like Star TV, Aak Tak, CNBC Awaaz.

There is also some rumors of Press Conference of Ram Survey on NDTV. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email and we will keep updating you with latest news on Survey Companies.

BJP Protest Against Speak Asia Online Latest News

Today's latest News on Speak Asia online survey is that Now BJP party has started protesting against Speak Asia Online (SAO) in recent news in star News TV. Earlier BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has already filed a case against Speak Asia Online to RBI and Mumbai Police. According to the latest news BJP people has tore Speak Asia Online poster in there protest. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

We will keep updating you if there is any other latest news on Speak Asia Online.
Latest News Updates for Speak Asia Online.

Buy IPL 4 Final Tickets Of MA Chidambaram Stadium Chennai

Soon DLF IPL 4 Cricket matches are going to finish and only 4 matches are remaining in IPL4 tournament between top 4 teams of cricket. Final Match of IPL 4 is schedule on 28th May between winner of Winner Qualifier 1 and Winner Qualifier 2 of IPL 4. If you are planning to watch IPL4 Final match live in MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai then you should book your tickets now before all tickets are sold out. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

To book your tickets you can visit Bookmyshow.com where you can buy final IPL4 cricket tickets. You can also buy Qualifier & Eliminator match of IPL tickets from same Bookmyshow.com

CBSE 10th Result Date 2011 Soon To be Announced

After the 12th CBSE result now students must be waiting for there 10th board result of CBSE of different state. CBSE is soon going to announce 10th Class result. It is in news that class 10th CBSE result for the year 2011 will be announced on 28th May 2011. As soon as CBSE announce the result date will will update you till then you can subscribe to our Mobile Update or Subscribe to Syconet by Email.

CBSE 10th Result 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ram Survey Owner Run Away With Crore's- Star News

According to the latest Star News Ram Survey Owner has run away from there address along with the crores of Money with them. Star News is continuously showing this news in Star TV about Ram Survey. Though there is no press conference from Ram Survey till now. Only they have updated there website and asked panelist to believe in them. Till now star News has not shown any proof that Ram Survey owner has fled away. There is also news that people have complain about Mirzapur based Survey Company Ram Survey and from then there is no information about Sushil Kumar Kushawaha.

M.D and Owner of Ram Survey S K Kushawaha has not spoken anything till now. It would be good if people and panelist visit there office once to assure that Ram Survey has not fled away. We will continue to update you as soon as we get any news from star TV or Ram Survey Owner. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Ram Survey Fight Back Star News

On the Star News Expose of Ram Survey, now Ram Survey has fight back star news and asked his panelist not believe in the Star News and have faith in Ram Survey. According to the Ram Survey Website they have said that not believe Star News and Ram Survey is not fake and will continue to help its panelist. Ram Survey also said that there strength is there panelist support.
Subscribe to Syconet World by Email for more Latest updates on Ram Survey.

Update: Ram Survey Press Conference Live Telecast On News Channel on 24 May 2011

Star News Ram Survey Latest News- Ram Survey Closed

Star News TV has now pointed its gun over Ram Survey which is another Survey Company and asked its viewer to be alert of such type of Companies. According to news Ram Survey Office is in a Slum Area and people were assuming that Ram Survey was is now Closed. According to people Ram survey has gone and No survey in the website for panelist is coming and no cash credits in bank. Its owner is out of reach and head office in Mirjapur has been closed. This may be the very shocking news for Ram Survey Panelist. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

It may be the again the TRP stunt of the Star News or can be a promotional strategy to promote there Star Panel. Ram Survey Fight Back star News and said Star News are fake and not to believe them. We will try to upload Video on Ram Survey & Star News.

We are collecting more information and will update this post soon. So be patience and leave your comment if you have any breaking news on Ram Survey. The above information is updated.
Update:Ram Survey Owner Run Away | Ram Survey Shows Legal Documents | Police Case Against Ram Survey In Mirjapur | Ram Survey Open Payment Request- 16 June 2011

Ambooster Online Survey Review SCAM Payment Proof

Amboosteronline.com the name is new in the survey Multi-level marketing but getting lot of attention from the people in India and around the world. According to the company Website Amboosteronline.com is a survey driven website where you can participate in survey and earn online for that you will have to purchase a subscription of Survey Online Today Ezine. You will be quite surprise to know that for a subscription of only Rs.1500 or $30 you can become member and can earn Rs.1200 per month. This is the thing which made all of us think that is Ambooster Online Survey is a Fraud or a Genuine Company. Its panelist says that it is a Mauritius based company and some even says that it is a Norway based company which is not true. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

What Is Ambooster Online Survey

As said earlier Amboosteronline.com is a survey driven website where you can participate in survey and earn online for that you will have to purchase a subscription of Survey Online Today Ezine. According to Amboosteronline.com you can earn by Self Survey Income, Referral Income, Express income, Life Time Reward & Incentives. As a Ambooster’s panelist you can earn upto 6 reward points every week.
You Get 1200 per month for 13 Month so you can make Rs.15600 which is a huge return. Also you earn Rs.250 for every referral and Rs.200 for every Binary pair. One person can take up-to 7 ID from same name.

Review Of Ambooster Online Survey

We started our investigation on Amboosteronline.com from its domain name first and found that it registered in India by Ambooster Financial Consultant Pvt. Ltd. by A.M. Shah Email ID:- online.Ambooster@gmail.com and has Address as Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh. So you can see that it is running from Uttar Pradesh and don't have any connection abroad like Mauritius & Norway.

We found that company has Legal page but does not contains any document there. If you look at the company Contact information you will see only email address and no actual Office address anywhere in the world. Ambooster Online Survey Company has only given a help line no. only for India and for other countries like Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Canada only email address are given in the name of contact with contact person name.

Payment Proof Of Ambooster Online Survey

According to Amboosteronline.com you will get your money through direct bank transfer to your account.You can make a cash request on the website and within 7-14 working days. And for other countries there is no information. As the company is very new so there is no news of any person receiving any cash through bank transfer.

Is Ambooster Online Survey is Genuine or Fraud ?

This is the question for what we are waiting for. We cannot predict the genuineness of the company at this time, as company like this first only aims in getting huge number of panelist and then they just shut down there website and you will only remain with there email ID as they do not have any office in India or abroad. Take your own decision on seeing above information about Amboosteronline.com. If you have your own views about the company you can leave a comment or can Subscribe to Syconet World by Email for getting latest news and information on Amboosteronline.com and other survey company.

Class 12th CBSE Result On 23 May 2011

The most waited movement of 12th Class CBSE students going to come to End on 23 May 2011 as CBSE has announced that the 12th CBSE result can likely to be declared on 23 May 2011. You can get your 12th standard result directly in your Email by simply registering your roll no. in CBSE website along with your email. You can also get school wise result in your email but for that you will require Affiliation Code of your School to get the result. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

See your CBSE 12th Result On 23 May 2011.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yoga For Bloggers To Keep Them Fit

Yoga is the very important part of our life to keep our body fit and healthy. Blogger's and website owner's who sit in there chairs for long time to prepare there post and web pages get tired very much and thus need a break. If your are a blogger and your back start paining after a long siting in your chair you can practice simple yoga methods to keep your fresh. This consumes very less time and you can do it anywhere. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Few Yoga For Blogger's To Keep Them Fit

1. Stretch your body upwards and raise your hand.

2.Now as your hand Upwards bend your body towards left for 5 second and then to right. Repeat this process for 4-5 times.

3.Now close your Eyes and concentrate on your body from foot toes and slowly rising to legs, stomach, chest and head. You can also take deep breathing while concentrating.

4.Most importantly you need a real yoga or exercise for your Eyes. Just see below Yoga Video by Baba Ramdev and follow the instruction.

Senior Secondary (Commerce) - 2011 Result Rajasthan Board

Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education - Ajmer has announced Senior Secondary (Commerce) result On 21st May 2011 at 10:15 AM. To see your Result Just Follow the Below link and put your roll number in It. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Enter Your Roll No.

Read Saved Webpages Without Internet Connections

If you are in a hurry and don't want to leave your current website or any webpage, you just bookmark it. But while opening that bookmark page you require a internet connection to open it. And what if you don't have a internet connection and you want to read your saved web page. Don't worry we have the solution for it. Now you can read your saved pages just in a click of your mouse. Even you can read your saved page list from any computer or mobile device. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

To have this facility you must be a user of Firefox browser because it is a Firefox Add-On which is called Read It Later by Idea Shower. By this add-on you can download your webpages for offline view.

Some of the features of Read It later are

* Save pages to a reading list to read when you have time.
* Offline reading mode lets you read the items you’ve saved for later on the plane, train, or anywhere without an internet connection.
* Sync your list to all of your computers, at work or home.
* Sync your list to Read It Later apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and more.

How To Install Read It Later In your Browser

1.Go to Read It Later Add-On. Click on Add to Firefox.

2. Install it in your Browser and restart your Firefox.

3. Now after restart you will be asked to create a Account in Read It Later. Just Create One. And now you can save your webpages with a click and read it later.

Let us know your views about this very useful add-on by your comments. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email for more such useful Add-Ons.

Increase Your Survey Income In Star Panel

If you are earning low incentive in Star Panel Survey per month, then you can increase the number of survey per month if you have already registered in Star Panel. Per month you can have maximum 6 Survey from Star panel at present. The reason for low number of survey can be that you have not selected Maximum number of Surveys from Star Panel survey. By setting your Survey potential to maximum you can increase your Survey and income Both. There is a doubt among people that when they will receive there survey from star panel. And star panel has assured in this topic that they are trying to increase the survey frequency and soon you will receive your survey. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Steps to Increase your Survey & Income In Star Panel

1. Login to your Account and click on My Personal Information

2.Now you can scroll down in your My Personal Information and then can update the information on How often would you like to Receive Survey. Here choose about 6 per month instead of about 1 per month.

Now you will receive 6 survey a month which will increase your Income also per month. For any doubt about Star Panel Survey leave your comment or Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Speak Asia Stops Payments Of Panelist - Complain By Panelist

After the Expose of Speak Asia by different news channel like Star News, Aaj Tak, CNN, Headline Today, CNBC Awaaz etc. Now Speak Asia has hold the payment of all the Panelist who have requested for the Payment. This is not said by any news channel this time, this is the wording of the Panelist of the Speak Asia. Speak Asia on one side is saying panelist to show there faith and support to the company and on other hand has stopped the payment of the Panelist. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Many of the panelist has complain that they have not received there payment which they have requested after 13 May 2011, though the company assures to pay in 2 day time period. Some Panelist also says that there payment is shown processed one day and other day it shows Request in Progress. Till now it has not been proved that the company is genuine or not but due to latest TV news it has surely affected the Panelist and there Payment.

According to a Bangladesh Panelist of Speak Asia in Facebook comment has said that they have faced same problem in Bangladesh which Indian Panelist are facing Now. And Speak Asia is Sinking in India as it has sunk in Bangladesh. All there are complain from Panelist that there sub panel survey not working. I think soon Speak Asia will have to give answer to all the question even asked by there panelist now which has not received there payment till now.

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