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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Speak Asia New FAQ Updates For Speak Asian


In the recent Pop-Up, Speak Asia has asked his panelist to see it new updated Frequently Asked Question (FAQ). The message was from Speak Asia CEO and Chairperson Ms. Harendar Kaur. You can view this Updated question and Answers in Speak Asia Official Website. Till now Speak Asia is only Updating its website and has not issued in Payments and for this panelist are really angry and impatience. The message from Speak Asia CEO is below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Dear Fellow Speakasians,

Our hard working team has compiled a list of queries arising from various sources and has put them in a Q&A format, so that you can be proactively provided with the clear facts. Please keep coming back to this section at our website since we will update you regularly.

Click Here to view Latest Q&A

Ms. Harendar Kaur,
Chairperson and Global CEO

If you see the Speak Asia Question on about Is speakasiaonline legal in India? then you will see that the answer is The company and its business are legal. It is no were written that it is legal in India which should also be updated.

Some of the Important Question for which you might be looking Answer are below and this are taken from Speak Asia Official website without any modification.

1.Who are the promoters of Speakasia Online Pte Ltd.?
A.Speak Asia is owned by a holding company – Podium Ring International Ltd , registered in British Virgin Islands. SAOL’s online Panelists are interacting daily with SAOL through its management, staff and advisers. Podium Ring is not in the picture for those interactions. The global CEO is Ms. Harendar Kaur supported by Mr. Manoj Kumar CEO-India and the Speakasia team.

2.Is Speakasiaonline registered under Indian Companies Act also?
A.Speak Asia is not registered as a company in India as it is not a PE (permanent Establishment). The nature of business is such that legally the need for a PE does not arise as per prevailing laws in India. However to effectively support the business in India, Speak Asia is now going to open a PE in India soon, as has been announced in the press conference by CEO India – Manoj Kumar.

3.RBI, SEBI, Ministry Of Corporate Affairs and PMO gave clearance to SpeakAsiaOnline?
A.As per the knowledge of the Company and its advice received since inception, SAOL has not breached any provisions of Indian law, RBI, SEBI, or any other government authority. However, it has come to the notice of the company through its media sources that because of the negative campaign initiated by some organizations, that RBI, SEBI, Ministry Of Corporate Affairs and PMO have initiated enquiry against the working of the company. SAOL welcomes this because this will help the Company to clear the cloud if any.

However, till date SAOL has not been contacted by any of the Government Departments.

The Company assures its full cooperation and participation in any enquiry or investigation initiated/ conducted by the Government Authorities in India and in fact it reached out by email to all authorities including the PMO on 15 May 2011, requesting for an enquiry into its affairs since the allegations could damage its reputation and trust with the panelist community.

4.Does SAOL have any registered office or contact office of in India?
A.Speak Asia does not have its physical office in India. Its business model is such, that it has global partners for call center, Support, Marcom, Technology and Training. Contact is easily made by Panelists using their control panel system and by non panelist at the portal. However, a full-fledged SAOL establishment in India is on the cards. We will share details on this as we move along.

5.According to RBI rules & regulations – any foreign company, operating out of India, needs to have a permanent establishment/address in India. As promised earlier by SpeakAsia, there should have been a prominent company address by August 2010. But considering the failure to do so, should people assume that money is remitted, is it money-laundering or any other illegal activity
A.This is SAOL’s 1st year. As a New Media Startup, Speakasia does not have a company registered in India as yet, thus, currently there are no promoters of Speakasia in India.
SAOL has appointed Staff, consultants and advisers to the company who provide advisory and consultancy services to SAOL with regard to its activities in light of the Indian Market scenario.
SAOL has invested $Millions in IT and systems infrastructure globally and will be making huge investments in India in the years ahead.
SAOL remits money to Lakhs of panelists for cashing in part of the reward points EARNED by them. The Panelists vary from students, housewives to SME entrepreneurs. Our activity is very similar to providing a portal for Contracting Programmers in the software industry, who do job work across the world and are remitted $000 into their bank accounts http://www.programmers-corner.com/article/20 Our activities are no different and are legal. We are very happy to explain our activities to anyone.

So it is clear that Speak Asia don't have any physical office in India and is not registered in India. And for Bangladesh they have written that it is yet reading and analyzing the rules of Bangladesh and the company is not officially launched there. But according to Bangladesh Panelist they have invested huge money in buying Subscription and Speak Asia Online is working there even before India.



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