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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Speak Asia 1 July Pop Up Message - Agenda


Speak Asia from a quite long time is delaying its Launch of its New Website which was first proposed on 25th June 2011. This new website of speak Asia is all about the product which it is going to sale from its website. The Product Brand is called YUG which is supposed to be in collaboration with some Germany Firm. It was all over in news from 23 June that Speak Asia will be announcing some latest and important updates in its 1st July Pop-up. This Update were mainly focus on New Website launch and Panelist Payment Request. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

There are some issue's on which Speak Asia is going to Discuss on 1st July Pop-Up. These points are listed below.

1.New Speak Asia Product Website Launch.
2.When they will start giving Payments to Panelist.
3. When the price of Subscription will be increased

These are the main points which is going to be discussed in 1 July Pop-Up. Now the wait is going to be over soon as 1st July is coming in few more hours. We will be updating here what is the message in Pop-Up as soon as pop-up arise.



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