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Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 Best iPhone 4 Applications For You


Recently Apple introduce iPhone 4 in India with many service provider like Airtel, Aircel etc. We all are not untouch with features and specification of iPhone 4 so we are not discussing them here. This article will only tell you about some of the best and top Applications for your iPhone 4 which are very useful. There are thousand of Application which you can have in your iPhone these are only few but very helpful.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

1.Facebook :- Facebook is one of the top social networking site and now almost everybody is on Facebook sharing there thoughts, Photos and lot more. So get this Facebook App for your iPhone 4 which is Free.

2.NAVIGON Mobile Navigator - GPS :- This is one of the greatest GPS app for your iPhone4 which gives the turn-by-turn driving directions to you in your iPhone4. Get Navigon GPS Mobile Navigator for iPhone4.

3.Find my iPhone4 :- This is one of the great application for iPhone4 and helps in tracking your stolen or lost iPhone4. You just have to login with your iTune ID. This application is free now so enjoy. Get Track Find My iPhone4.

4.Skype For iPhone4 :- Skype is one of the largest use Software Application through which you can call another person in Skype for Free (Usually in Desktop). his iPhone4 app will really make your calling experience good and you can make Skype-to-Skype calls for free, and if you have Skype credits, Skype-to-phone calls very cheaply. Get Skype App for iphone4.

5.Angry Bird App for iPhone 4 :- Angry Bird has become on of the most popular game not even in the mobiles but also now in PC and laptops. When you will start playing and will start kicking Evil Green Pig i am sure you will not able to quit your Game. Get Angry Bird for iPhone4.



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