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Monday, June 20, 2011

AutoXTen.com Review SCAM Payment Proof


In the MLM Industry new name comes up every day but the latest name which is coming in top is AutoXTen.com. With only $10 Investment it is showing dreams of about $199,240 which is lot of money. Jeff Long, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson are owner and founder of AutoXTen.com. The website is not launched yet but pre-registration of member is already going on. Now the question arise is that is AutoXTen.com is genuine or it is another fraud MLM Company like other. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

In this Scheme of MLM company at present you have to make 4 Joining below you and each member below you will also make 4 people join under himself and the chain continue to grow. And for every joining you are also get paid. At present there are 2 phase one and two each having different upgrading fees from $10 to $640 which can be paid by your joining itself.

Review Of AutoXTen.com

Starting with the domain analysis of AutoXTen.com you will be surprised to know that it is only registered on 13th June 2011 and till know it has made about thousands of members in just few days. The domain is registered in the Name of Jeff Long who is one of the Founder and Owner of AutoXTen.com and registered in GODADDY.COM, INC. The site is at present registered for only one year. And in its income plan it is clearly written that these are potential earning and not Guaranteed.

Payment Proof Of AutoXTen.com

The site is not launches yet and thus have not started any payment till now. The site will be launching after 22 days and thus after only few months only we can say that AutoXten.com Pays or not.

At present the fees of Joining AutoXTen.com is free and Upgrading fees is only ($10) so any one can have a try and can risk $10 as it is not a big deal. May be from $10 We can make thousand of $$'s. Any update of AutoXTen.com will be posted in our site so you can also Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.



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