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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To Know Who Copied Your Content With Help Of Google Webmaster Tools


If you are concern that your Website original Content is being copied or not and want to keep an eye on Website content thief then Google Webmaster Tools are the best & free solution to know who copied your website or blog content. You can know the domain of your content and even can get the full address of the domain where it was linked or copied without your permission and not following your creative commas rules. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Steps To Know Who Copied Your Website Content With Help Of Google Webmaster Tools

1.Login to your Google Webmaster Tools.

2.Now go to your site for which you have to see who copied your content, in case you have many sites verified for Google Webmaster tool.

3.Now click on Links to your site which is under Your site on the web as shown in below image.

4.Her you will see all the link of your site and blog which is linked to web. Here all links are not bad. Some of the link you may have leaved in the comment in the other website.

5.Now just have a look at all the website which are linked to you or your content and if you find any site suspicious of your original content theft then click on it and it will show you the complete list of link which it may have link.

Now you can have a complete view of content which is stolen from your site and blog and the link where it is copied. You can just download the whole list and can mail the owner of website which stole your content or can directly also file DMCA complain to Google.



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