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Sunday, June 19, 2011

AeroLite Online Review Scam Payment Proof


AeroLite Online is another Multi-Level marketing company like Ram Survey, Speak Asia, Ambooster Online which promise to give people money or reward in lieu of there work for doing surveys, watching Video etc. The registration cost of AeroLite Online is Rs.6500 which is divided into to part that is subscription and top-up. The company is Geneva based and promise to pay Rs4000/month to its panelist. This article is a analysis of Aerolite online to know whether it is a fraud or a genuine company. As you can see that the percentage of return is very high so its make all people suspicious about its genuineness. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Review of AeroLite Online

Stating with the domain address of the site : http://www.aeroliteonline.com/, as we did its domain analysis we found that it was registered on 15-Jan-2011 and will expire after 1 year and is registered to John William and address is Albert street,Main Rd, MR 103, Geneva,75857. The domain is still active but is not searchable in Google or any other search Engine and presently the site is also not opening.

Payment Proof of AeroLite Online

Till now there is no news that anybody has received there money from Aerolite online company.

It is is news that Aerolite Online company has run away with its panelist money and its website is not working for the same reason. So be aware and think before investing in MLM Survey companies.



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