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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ram Survey Open Payment Request


In the latest news of Ram Survey you will be happy to know that it has opened its payment request option. Now panelist can request there payment but they will only get 50% of the money and the rest 50% panelist have to buy products from wallet. The request will remain open on Friday and Saturday from 10 Am to 2 PM. And you will get your payments in 10 days. This is officially announced in Ram Survey Fan page and summarize as below points. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

1. Wish to inform you that they payment request will remain open on Friday and Saturday from 10 Am to 2 PM.

2. All the old payment request will be rolled back and will go back to your “My Account”. Any old payment request will not be entertained until requested again.

3. You can make the request of 50% of your account.

4. Your another 50% can be used to buy products from product wallet.

5. Within 10 days your requested amount will be paid.

So request your Ram Survey payment from tomorrow. As now Ram Survey has opened there Payment option, there must be a question among Speak Asia Panelist that now when Speak Asia will release there payments.



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