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Monday, June 13, 2011

Yahoo Finance Claims Speak Asia Fake


Today on 13th June 2011 We found a article about Speak Asia wondering it some latest and good news about speak Asia we begin to read the article but got disappointed to see that it is a very old story and Company like Yahoo is publishing it now. According to the article which got published in Yahoo finance Speak Asia is another Ponzi or a fake company which is making people fool and no company can return a 336% return. According to that news Speak Asia is not registered and SEBI cannot do anything or even Indian government can't do any thing if company run away with money as it is not registered in India. I think they have not read the Speak Asia news that they are going to register in India soon. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

If you read the last paragraph to the Yahoo Finance News on Speak Asia which is below you will see that it is clearly saying that Speak Asia is making Indian People a BAKRA.

Now, if you suddenly stop getting your "assured" returns and Indian authorities do probe in to the entire sham; you will find that the company can easily bail themselves out. Why? Well, simply because you haven't made direct payments to Speak Asia as an entity but instead to a franchise that has only been paid a certain percentage to forward it to the main distributor and who then further passes it on to someone else (yes, that whole complicated routing) . Ergo, the only person you can pin it on to is the investor himself (Surprise, that's you!!). Sadly, you also happen to be the victim of this whole scheme. Long story short, you were just made a BAKRA!!

I think before publishing such news they should be updated about Speak Asia present situation which is going on all News channels. Even you might have seen Speak Asia Ads in Yahoo. You can also express your view about the article through your comments.



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  • June 17, 2011 at 12:17 PM

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