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Friday, May 27, 2011

Star News Claims Speak Asia Online Bankrupt


In Breaking news of Star News it has told that Speak Asia Online has been bankrupt after the seal of there bank account in Singapore and India. Now Speak Asia has no money to give to its panelist after there bank account freeze. Speak Asia has confirmed in there message that there bank account has been freezed without any prior notice and now they are not able to pay to its panelist till 6-8 weeks. Other Media channels has also started covering this news. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Speak Asia is still now claiming that everything is Ok and they have requested Panelist to sign online petition. Speak Asia Online are also saying that they will fight in Supreme Court. Speak Asia has also said that payment between 13 to 20 May 2011 has been held up or stopped.

SpeakAsiaOnline has recently changed the title of its webpage from "Speak Asia Online is Asia's largest integrated online survey group" to "The Survey Company". Panelist and Speak Asia Online Fans are planing to have a Candle March in India gate according to latest news against speak Asia Account Freeze.



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