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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watching You Tube Video On Slow Internet


Sometimes it happens that you don't get proper signals in your USB internet devices or you may have bought a slow internet connection. While watching Videos on You Tube your slow net connection can ruin all your entertainment. So you should know some tricks so that you can watch You Tube videos really fast without any pause. In internet there are lots of tricks like some say use Mobile version of You Tube to watch fast videos but i must tell you that you can't play mobile version of you tube video in your browser.Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

With the advancement in video technology now you can watch video in HD and there are lots of You Tube video which are in HD and require a lot of bandwidth and a very fast internet connection to watch video in real time.

To watch You Tube video fast in slow internet connection you just have to change your YouTube setting. If you see the below image you will see that we have chosen 240P as our setting which is defined in Pixel. The greater the pixel high the internet connection you require. So always choose 240P as your setting to watch YouTube video in slow internet connection. You can change this setting any time you want.



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