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Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Adsense Give High CPC For US Canada


We all want that we should have more traffic from countries like US, Canada, United Kingdom etc. so that it can increase our Google Adsense earning, as these countries has High CPC. For those who don't know what CPC is i want to tell that CPC stands for Cost Per Click means the amount which we get for 1 click of our Adsense ads. The higher the CPC, higher is your earning. Usually we have seen that we get a high CPC from United states. You can get minimum $1 for 1 click and Maximum can be your luck. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

As we were seeing our Adsense performance based on country we found that we get a good CPC rate from US, UK, Canada etc. As compare to India our CPC was very low, though we get a huge traffic from India.

Reason of Low Google Adsense CPC

There may be number of reason for low CPC but the main factor affecting CPC are firstly CPC depends upon the advertiser and how much he want to give or invest for a click. And secondly what keywords you have used for your Blog and website. Some keywords can pay you more than $40 though i haven't seen it till now. You must have read different article saying about tips and tricks to increase your CPC but only good keywords & Traffic can increase your CPC. If you have anything to say about low or high CPC in your country please leave a comment. You can Subscribe to Syconet World by Email for Adsense tips.



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