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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review & Payment Proof of Pixazza (Luminate, Inc.)


Pixazza.com (now Luminate, Inc.)is popularly know as Google Adsense for image and is really a very good image ad network from which you can earn a good Income if you have a good traffic. Its CPC for image ads is also very good in compare to other networks. After using a Pixazza.com network for 2 months we are writing this review. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Review of Pixazza.com (Luminate, Inc.)

Pixazza.com now Luminate, Inc. is one of the best image ad network present today. This company is supported by Google and gives you high Cost per click (CPC) for your image ads. You can see example of Image ad in below image. If you have a traffic above 100k per month then you can use this network for sure to boost your Online earnings.

Payment Proof of Pixazza.com (Luminate, Inc.)

Pixazza.com allow you to have payment through Cheque as well as PayPal transfer and the minimum payout is only $10 and maximum is $500. To Check its payment service we put our payment threshold to $25 and soon after completing our $25 we received it in our PayPal Account. Above is payment proof which we got from Pixazza.com (Luminate, Inc.).



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