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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ezyfil.com Review, Payment Proof, SCAM Or Genuine


Ezyfil.com is a new online Money making website for Indians who want to get some extra money. According to the website they pretend to be the genuine money earning website and claim that they are transparent with there member. Today we will do review of EZYFIL.com to let the people know that it is a genuine site or a fake SCAM site. After reading our review you can decide yourself whether to join or not. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Review of Ezyfil.com

On analyzing the domain of Ezyfil.com we find that there is no Contact address of the domain owner and all the details are hidden. More over if you look at the bottom of the site it is written that Copyright 2010 ezyfil.com. but the domain was created on 13 April 2011.

It is written in there home page that there is no investment but the site ask for Rs.3000 as a one time membership fees. And one of there member has written that he getting Rs.3000 pr month by just paying Rs.500. Now for what he has paid Rs.500 if the Membership cost is Rs.3000.

How Ezyfil.com Works

According to the Website, the process is only five step process. At first you need to login into the members area and then you need to copy your personal links (given by the Site admin). At third step you need to promote this link to collect the user information. The fourth step will be collecting the user information. And the final step will be what you are looking for i.e to earn money from us. And for every form filled you will get just Rs.10.

And the most important is that you will have to promote the links given by them and i don't think in India this system works.

Payment Proof of Ezyfil.com

There is no payment proof of Ezyfil.com till now, only there are some customer opinion which seems to be fake.

So if you have read whole review about Ezyfil.com, you must have decided whether you have to join or not. Remember the website does not has any registered office in India so you cannot catch anyone.



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