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Monday, August 8, 2011

Question Paper 2011 Electricity Service Commission (UPPCL) Exam


On 7th August 2011 U.P. Power Corporation Ltd. exam was held in different center in Uttar Pradesh. The exam was conducted by Electricity Service Commission. There were 200 question in the the paper which has to be completed in 3 hours. There were 4 sets of Question paper A, B, C & D. The Exam was held for Asst. Engineer (Trainee), Jr Engineer (Trainee) & Technician Grade-II (Trainee) Electrical positions. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

This post will discuss about Assistant Engineer (Trainee) exam question pattern and the question which appear on the exam.

The first 50 question were of General Study, Aptitude & Hindi and out of which starting 10 questions are of Hindi language. In Hindi question you will have to fill the blanks, synonyms etc. Other question were from general Knowledge, general study and simple aptitude question. Though GS was tough.

There rest 150 question were from Engineering which includes subject like Digital Electronics, Microwave, Semiconductor electronics, Communication, EDC. Major part of question were from Microwave engineering only.

Below are question paper of U.P Power corporation Ltd. 2011 based on the Memory of the candidate.

Solved Question Paper 2011 Electricity Service Commission (UPPCL) Exam

1 - 10 :- Hindi questions.
11-50 :- General Study, GK and Aptitude.
51-200 : Engineering question which are given below.

These question appear in different order in different question paper set.

1.In 2's Complement representation a certain negative number -N is 1011. The representation for +N is 1011. The representation for +n is
Ans: 0101

2.A binary with n digit all of which are unity has the value.
Ans: 2^n-1

3.For Emitter-Coupled Logic, the switching speed is very high because
Ans: The transistor are not saturated when conducting.

4.Which of the following interrupt has the lowest priority ?

5. What are Causal System
Ans: output depends on past/current inputs

6. Keyboard/display interface IC
Ans: 8279

7.Radar Antennas are usually
Ans: Parabolic Dishes

8.mirage in sand is caused due to
Ans: Refraction of light

9.An Antenna that is Circularly polarized is
An: Helical

10. In the end fire array of antenna, the maximum radiation occurs
Ans: along the array

11.Which is best excited from Waveguide
Ans: Horn

12.TWT uses a helix
Ans: to reduce the axial velocity of R.F. field.

More questions are updating soon.

If you know other question which is not above just add it through comment.



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