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Friday, February 6, 2009

PS3, Wii Version of YouTube Launched


PS3, Wii Version of YouTube Launched

The YouTube version is targeted at consumers who browse the web over consoles using television displays

YouTube has launched a new version for PlayStation 3 and Wii gaming console owners. With improved layout and text rendering, the website is meant for users who browse the site via a console and over television.

PS3 and Wii owners can now browse YouTube from the new YouTube TV site. With a new simplified and streamlined interface, the site is still in the beta stage. After HD videos became more popular with PS3 users, YouTube has taken the smart step to launch the TV version of the YouTube website.

This service is initially available in 22 regions and 13 languages. Support for more devices, regions, and languages would be rolled out over a period time when the site moves out of the beta stage.

Launching PS3 and Wii versions the YouTube TV site is just the beginning. Let's hope that this YouTube TV site appears neat on the YouTube-enabled HD LCDs and plasma screens as well.



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