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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mobile Advertising Service by BSNL


BSNL presents India’s first integrated Mobile Advertising Service that brings advertisements of various products & services of your choice to your mobile. Registering for Mobile advertisement service and receiving advertisements may also get you extra talk time/gratification.

Register for Mobile Ad Services:-
BSNL subscriber can register for Mob Ad services on IVR by calling the toll free number 51235 or by logging onto http://AdSeKamao.bsnl.in from their mobile phone.
The registration allows subscribers to create their profile and preferences and helps subscribers to choose from various Ad delivery channels of BSNL. Ads will be served to subscribers depending on their preference and convenience. At the time of registration their consent will be taken to serve subscribers
2 SMS or 2 MMS or 2 WAP Push Ads and 2 Voice-out-dial Ads per day. Subscribers can also request for additional Ad services delivered through other channels.
BSNL may also give subscribers some FREE TALK TIME for registration and receiving Ads.

For details log on to http://AdSeKamao.bsnl.in



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