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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to See who is online after going in offline mode in Facebook


When you go offline of your facebook you can't see your friends who are online but this can be done in yahoo or Gmail. So here is a solution to see all your online friends even after going offline from facebook. For that you would be needing a facebook application called Online Now.

Just login to your facebook account and find the application called Online Now or you can also Google it as "Online now Facebook" the first result you get is your application.
Add it to your facebook and enjoy some privacy or stop unwanted messages from whom you don't want to receive the message.

Steps to be followed:
1. Go to facebook and login
2.Find Application name Online now or Google it.
3.Add it to your Facebook by allowing it.
4.Go offline and check its working.

And Enjoy !!



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