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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Facebook Identity Switch Feature Review Problem


Facebook has recently updated it site and now you will notice a new change in your Facebook profile if you have created Fan pages with your Facebook Profile. When you will navigate to your account you can see that now instead of manage your Page you will see Use Facebook as YOUR PAGE NAME. Now when you click it you will reach admin area of your Facebook Page where you can share your link, photos and other thing with your Facebook fan. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

When we use this new feature of Facebook it look awesome in start but when we try to post a link or status nothing happens and it seems facebook got hanged. We again try to go to our profile but still nothing happens and we remain in http://www.facebook.com/identity_switch.php which was a blank page.

Solution to Identity Switch Problem

It might happen that when we use this new feature, it may be in trial mode but we don't think that company like Facebook will do that. To solve this problem try to refresh your page 2-3 times. If it dont work just log out and login again, it will solve Identity switch problem. Hope this problem solves soon.
Leave comment if you also face this type of problem.



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