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Friday, July 20, 2012

TimTara My Personal Review


Hi friends, today i am going to share with you my personal experience with TimTara.com. Many of you must have come here to know if Timtara.com delivers the product or not. Before reading I must tell you that this is my personal review with Timtara.com, so please choose wisely. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

How I buy product from Timtara

As you all know that Timtara gives you some of the great discount offers, so i also got attracted from Timtara eye catching discount coupon which was offering R.2500 discount above Rs.12000.

So without reading any review about Timtara, which i usually do before shopping online, i ordered a Whirlpool fridge of Rs.13k. They offer me to deliver within 15-20 working days.

My Experience

After paying for the product and waiting for 15 days i called Timtara.com Customer care, which is situated in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) as per STD code, as a delighted customer and asked for the actual status of my product. But they said that your product is Awaiting shipment, which i was seeing from the 1t day of order. They assured me that product will be delivered within time period.

I forgot that they don't count Weekends so 15-20 working days means a whole month. After my conversation with Timtara CC, i started searching reviews about Timatara.com in search engines and i was shocked to read that about 98% of the customer's has complained about timtara and declared it a scam and a fraud site which should be shut down.

On reading such reviews i was disappointed and again called the CC of Timtara and asked to tell my order status but i got same answer. Customer care representative of Timtara really don't know the actual status of the order. When i asked to talk to there seniors they refused and said they don't have there seniors here and even don't have any Telephone/mobile number of Timtara Noida office(how funny).

How it all Ended

Finally on getting all such response from CC, i thought to cancel my order and get my money back but i have already read some where in review that they don't even return the money, so finally i gave a call to payment gateway customer care, which was CC Avenue, and asked them to reverse the payment process.They assured me that, i will get my money back, so i got assured that my money was save.

On 26th working Day i.e Sunday, I got a call from courier that your product from Timtara is coming, i was shocked to know this. Finally i received my order and i got relief and was happy that i have saved some money but for that i have to wait too long.

So if you are going to buy any products from Timtara please buy at your own risk and you should have patience to wait for full 1 month. Though we have read that timtara has not delivered the product of many customer's as per review in forums. Good Luck with TimTara.com if you have already placed the order and paid the amount.



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