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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Use Virtual/Fake Webcam in Yahoo Messenger


Many of us don’t want to show our faces while chatting. Sometimes we don’t have webcam but still we have the need to show webcam to others . Yes there is a solution to this, all you have to do is that you have to download fake webcam software . You can download it from fake webcam site, here is the link http://www.fakewebcam.com/.
With the help of this software you can show pre-recorded video from yours hard disk to the one whom you are chatting even if you don’t have a physical webcam.

How to Use Fake Webcam With Yahoo
After Downloading the software open it and add a movie file which you want to show through yours virtual webcam.

Fake webcam accepts files with extension of .avi , .mpeg , .mpg , .wmv , .flv . So make sure that you add a video file with this extension . Now after adding the video file , half work is done .

How to show Virtual Webcam on Yahoo - Just Open the Yahoo messenger and start your webcam. After starting the webcam click on file and then preferences and then click on camera source and there you will see the fake webcam option , just select that and click OK .

After that you restart yours webcam again and play the file from fake webcam and hurry!! now your webcam will show the file which is being played on fake webcam.

Below is the Pictorial view of Fake Webcam Settings Of Yahoo Messenger.

Yes Now you can show funny videos to your friends and can make them fool and can have a great time . You can show the video of any thing which you want to share with them and also its good for all who dont want to show up their real faces on webcam . But in Trial version Of Fake Webcam Software , Every time the video ends it will show fake webcam trial version so be sure to close the webcam before video ends otherwise , But yes if you buy the Key of software then there will not be any problems. You can buy the license Key for Fake Webcam from their website .



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