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Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Save Your Laptop From Heating


Laptop Heating is the very major problem which we see usually more in summers. While working for 2-3 hours in your Laptop, if your laptop is heating, you should really found the problem behind it. Even we have also seen that laptop automatically shutdown without saving any work if its temperature rise very much which is determine by the thermistor inside Laptop so Laptop should be taken more care in Summers. In this article we will tell you the reason and how to over come them from our practical experience. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Reasons & Precaution To Save Your Laptop From Heating & Over Heating

1.One of the major reason for laptop over heating is that it is not having proper ventilation. This may be due to the fact that you might be using it in your laps and its fan is just not able to ventilate the heat etc.

To over come this problem you should first check that where is your Fan of Laptop located. It may be in the bottom or in the back side.

i)If your Laptop fan is in the bottom always use a flat surface to keep your laptop like a table, Plastic flat board etc.

ii)If your fan is at the back then keep it about 10 inch away from the back wall (if there is any one or any other object).

Note:- Never use a cloth below laptop

2.The other problem of Laptop heating may be due to lack of proper cooling facility in the working environment.

i)Always try to work in a cool environment like Air condition (AC) or cooler. You will notice that working in a cooler environment increase the efficiency of the laptop (You can compare Winter and summer working).

ii) If you don't have a AC environment then there is no worry just time to time keep your laptop in sleep mode so that it can be cool automatically which will also give rest to your eyes and will also benefit in saving your from eye disorders.

3.It may also happen that your laptop Fan is not working. So in this case you should first hear the sound of your Laptop Fan for confirmation and if it is not coming then you are sure that your Laptop fan is damaged or malfunction.

Go to your laptop service center and replace your Laptop Fan.

On reading above mention reason and solution for laptop heating we are quite sure that you must be following them and saving your laptop from Heating. You are always welcome to Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.



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