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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Important Update from Speak Asia Online - Get Your Money Back


There is a latest update from Speak Asia online for all its panelist. According to it you can quit Speak Asia till 31st march 2012. Till now 7% of total members has used Exit option i.e 94,334 panelists. If you also want to leave Speak Asia and want to get your money back then you can use the Quit option and can get your money back. Read the full message from Speak Asia below. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

Dear SpeakAsian’s,

Our Family of Speakasians stood rock steady by us through one of the most troubled time in the corporate history of any company. We were attacked maliciously by certain sections of the media, hounded by the authorities, and attempts were made to crush our total entity. However we continuously maintained our commitment to our cause and the protection of the interest of our famil...y.
In these troubled times we gave an ‘Exit Option’ to all those who wanted to leave our fold. A total of 94,334 panelists decided to exercise this option (this is less than 7% of our entire universe of Speak Asians.) We respect their wishes and would gladly welcome them back with open arms whenever they decide to re-join our family. Any other members of the Speak Asians family who still want to exercise the exit option can do so till 31st March 2012.
On the orders of the Honorable Supreme Court of India a mediator was appointed to ascertain the dues of all those who wanted to exit the company, and the process to settle the their legitimate dues is well underway. As a manifest of our intent and to demonstrate our never ending commitment to our family of Speakasian’s we have voluntarily deposited a sum of US $ 10 Million, with the Registrar General – Supreme Court. We have further committed to deposit any more amounts due, post the ascertainment of the honorable mediator and proactively facilitate the disbursement process.
We stand committed to all our panellists, our employees, trade partners, and the nation at large. Our endeavor to create a whole new marketplace through our patented ‘Precision Marketing Tool’ stands. We cannot thank you enough for all your support. The end of our woes is near, and soon the new sun heralding brightness of our future will dawn.

Warm Regards,
SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team

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