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Monday, May 14, 2012

Hindu Man Raising Muslim Child for 6 Years


Today i was very touched by seeing a true story of a Hindu Man who raised a Muslim child for 6 years irrespective of many difficulties he faced while raising him till his real parent put a case on him. Aiku Lal Sandil is a small Tea vendor of Lucknow who found a Muslim boy name Akbar near his tea stall garden in a very ill state. He invested is saving in treatment of boy and informed this about this boy to police but even searching for boy's parent, Police was not able to find the Biological parents of Akbar. Without fearing of religion he raised the boy for 5 years and gave every facility to the boy which is within his reach. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

The news came to highlight when a reporter cover this story in a news channel about how a Muslim boy was raised by Hindu man. After the new Akbar real parents appeal for the custody of Akbar in court but they lost the case. Now the case is with the supreme court. Even the boy don't want to go with his biological parents.

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