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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New list of Adsense Sharing sites (Updated)


I am very happy to tell you that i found some of the new Adsense sharing sites, which shares on the bases of 90/10 Ratio. 90% of the adsense revenue is for the contributing members and 10% to the site.

After achieving success in IndiaStudyChannel and IndiaReviewChannel by sharing my adsense account,Now i will tell you some more sites which will share on the same ratio of 90/10% .Also these site provides some additional benefits.

List of Adsense Sharing Sites

This site is all about Bangalore,It covers from School to Colleges,Shops to Retail Store,Bank to ATM and lot n lot.

This site will help you in coding of any computer languages. A very good site with lots of live projects.

Mumbai Spider will provide all information about Mumbai city. You can post here about Mumbai events,shops,parlor,Banks, anything you like about Mumbai.

This site is from Spider Network Technologies and will provide all information about Chennai and the adsense sharing revenue is same as above.So i think these site will be surely help you in increasing your Google Adsense Earnings.

You will get all information about Kerala City and when you contribute to site your adsense will be shown in the post of yours.

Now post n your local language in Pune spider.You can submit your article about Pune and can earn cash and adsense sharing too.

Now just start posting in DelhiSpider if you want to earn more through your adsense account.
It allows you to post any information about Delhi.

This is also the Google Adsense sharing site which allow you to earn while posting your information about Bengal

And i will also like to tell you very important think that these sites will also provide you prizes & Awards time to time.More you post on these sites more is your adsense impression and more clicks. So if you want to increase your adsense impression and earning, just Start Register to these sites Now.

NOTE:- I will be soon updating this or may make new post if i found some more sites.
These sites are mainly for Indian Publishers.



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