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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Save your Google Adsense Account from getting Banned


How to Save your Google Adsense Account from getting Banned

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As i see many People have got their Google Account banned by Google due to various reasons so this article is like taking a precaution so that your Google Adsense account does not get banned.

For saving your Account you should keep in mind following points.


Please follow Google Adsense Policies .
I will suggest you to read Google Adsense Policies at least once so that you can be aware where to put your ads and where to not put them.


Read TOS of Google Adsense.


Don't put your Google Ads on a Blank page or website having very less content.
Google is very cautious about its Advertiser ads so it does not want that its Advertiser are harmed because of very less content in site.


Don't Ask your Friends to click your Adsense ads as Google can Track this.


Don't try yourself to click on any Google Adsense ads of yours even accidentally
(Google as caught a person who was clicking his own ads from a mall)


Don't make ads that say click me.
As Google want that viewer should click on ads when they are interested.


Don't make pop-up of Google Ads.


Always remember to track your Adsense ads by a proper channel so that you may know which channel is having invalid click or increase in No. of clicks


When ever you find fraud activity in your Adsense account immediately contact to Google. You can Contact Google for invalid click Here .They will ask for URL for which your are suspicious of Fraud activity so it is better to make channels .


Always monitor you Adsense account time to time or hour to hour so that if you find any suspicious activity you may immediately Report to Google.

You can contact adsense-support@google.com if your account gets banned for review.
Hope you will find this article helping and will take full benefit of it. And if i misses any point please add it through your Comments.


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