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Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Change Post links in Blogger Blogspot


You might be quite eager to know after reading this article title that how to change post link of the blogger post as till now blogger don't support it and also links are quite small as compared to Wordpress. SO i want to tell you that still Blogger don't allow to change any post link but we can try to get our informative part in the given post link. So if you want to so some SEO with your title you can read our full article and can get good traffic. Subscribe to Syconet World by Email.

How to Change Post links in Blogger

1.First of all prepare your post and think of important keywords in your post or title, then put those main keywords in your post title and publish it.

2.Now quickly click on Edit Post Button and put your desired title in the Title field of the post.

for example one of our post title is How to Add Zoom Functionality to Blog/Site
But when you will have look at its link you will see that only important words are used. And we have omitted words like to,in etc.


Even you can check title of this post itself we have omitted in from our link and added it afterwords, so this can be of great useful for blogger publishing in Blogspot



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