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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Publish Feed from Different Email Address


If you run Website or blog and has your feed enabled and thinking to publish your feed from a new email address or your any other email address then you can do it very easily as feedburner provide this facility to publish your feed via any valid email address you like. To publish your feed from different or your desired email address you just have to go to your feedburner account and change your email.
Subscribe to Syconet World by Email. Follow these steps to change your feedburner publishing email address.

How to Publish Feed from Different Email Address

Steps to Follow to change the Email Address
There are only five simple steps to be followed to change your email address in Feedburner as shown in above picture.
1. Login to your Feedburner account and go to PUBLISH.
2.Then go to Email Subscription and click on Communication Preference.
3.Now in Communication Preferences see Email “From” Address, here type the email address from which you want to publish the feed.
4. Now click on Activate if your Feed is not activate earlier or click on Save.
5.Now you are done. All your Email feed will be published from this new email address.
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